‘We are not moved by Mutati’s desperate antics’

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The Nevers Mumba-led faction of the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) say they are not moved by the “desperate maneuvers” employed by dismissed Minister of Works and Supply Felix Mutati.

Deputy Spokesperson Peter Phiri in a statement circulated to the media alleges that Mutati yesterday hired and ferried women and youths to pose as MMD members at the High Court during trial in which MMD National Secretary Winnie Zaloumis has sued Mutati and three others over the legality of the 2016 MMD convention.

“Mutati who is an expelled member of MMD yesterday through his henchman a Raphael Nakachinda hired over 100 unemployed youths to pose as MMD members. This hired crowd was clad in Mutati’s Chitenges which illegally had our Party symbol and slogan,” Phiri charged.

He further mocked Mutati that his hired crowd upon seeing Dr. Mumba celebrated and cheered for him.

“What we find surprising is that when the Party President Dr. Nevers Mumba was leaving the Court grounds, Mutati hired crowd started celebrating and cheering for him.”

Phiri also castigates Mutati for allegedly peddling lies that Judge Newa was supposed to send Zaloumis to jail for seven days.

“The propaganda that Mutati’s paid mercenaries spread that our National Secretary Ms. Winnie Zaloumis was almost sent to seven days in prison by Judge Newa are totally false and shocking. Zimba, the lawyer for Mutati had applied that Ms. Zaloumis be sent to jail to jail for refusing to answer one of his misdirected questions. The Court adjourned for three hours and when the trial resumed judge Newa never passed any judgement and Mrs. Zaloumis continued being crossed examined by the same lawyer.”

Phiri warns Mutati that if he continued with his dirty maneuvers, he risks being bruised and encouraged him to reflect on why he was fired.

“What Mutati should know is that no amount of propaganda will stop the long arm of the law from bringing sanity to our party. We would like to encourage Mutati to reflect on his dismissal which symbolizes several hidden messages. If he wants to play, we would like to warn him that he will be bruised,” Phiri said.


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