‘We are neither shaken nor tickled over ACC appeal’

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The Nevers Mumba-led Movement for Multi-party of Democracy (MMD) are not moved by the decision by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to challenge its leader’s absolute discharge in the High Court.

In a statement, the party says instead of being worried, they are extremely happy that the ACC has appealed Dr. Mumba’s absolute discharge as this has confirmed that the was indeed acquitted.

“We as a Party are not worried as the prophets of doom would allege but instead we are happy because this has proved to the nation that indeed Dr. Mumba was set free and will further give us the opportunity to get rid of this case once and for all,” the statement reads.

They say they have faith in the courts of the land and that the court will sort out that case once and for all.

“We are neither shaken nor tickled over the appeal because we have faith in the Courts of the Land and We believe that the High Court will sort out this case once and for all.”

The Party has further advised the ACC to instead direct it’s time and energies to the numerous cases that the Auditor General Report highlights every year and not the politically motivated cases such as Dr. Mumba’s case.

The Party has since called on it’s officials and members throughout the Country not to get concerned with this latest development as the leadership under Dr. Mumba is intact and concentrating on the rebuilding of the party.


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Start: 2019-07-01 End: 2019-07-31