We are determined says Ngambela as he appeals to International Community

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The Prime Minister (Ngambela) of the Kingdom of Barotseland Wainyae Sinyinda has told Zambian Eye that the people of that region are still determined to attain self rule.
In an exclusive interview from Barotseland a while ago, the Ngambela appealed to the International Community to intervene and convince the Zambian government to disengage and let Baroseland govern itself.
“We are very determined to attain self determination,” the Ngambela Sinyinda said. “The process may be short or long but we are determined to get into land of Cenani.”
He said the people of the ‘Kingdom of Baroseland were still committed to the resolution made by the National Council this year adding that the process of attaining the roadmap was going on.
“I can’t disclose the time frame of the Roadmap because that is part of our strategy,” he said. “At an opportune time we will inform you but let me tell you that we will use all peaceful means without throwing stones and spilling blood to achieve our roadmap.”
The Prime Minister says he was an admirer of Mahatma Gandhi, a prominent leader of Indian nationalism in British-ruled India. He applied non-violent civil disobedience and led India to Independence. Gandhi inspired movements for non-violence, civil rights and freedom across the world.
The Baroseland Prime Minister said they will use Gandhi’s believes to attain what they want. He said the leadership there had appealed to activists groups and youths in general to avoid violence as they advocate for self governance.
He explained that unlike Sudan, the situation in Zambia was different because Barotseland was a country on its own and they would want to revert to that.
“Please understand me, we are not succeeding no,” he explained. “We are simply demanding to revert to the original status.”
The Borotseland Prime Minister said they had written a letter to the Zambian government but there has been no response. He said the people of Barotseland will not negotiate anything with the Zambian government but self rule.
He explained that it was therefore unnecessary for them to take part in the ongoing constitution making process because they would come up with their own.


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