WASTED YEARS: Chellah Tukuta’s ‘silly mistake’ spoils the rich legacy he has been building for years

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Chellah Tukuta

Born in Chingola, Cornelius Mulenga affectionately known as Chellah Tukuta is an internationally acclaimed award-winning Zambian Professional Photographer with experience spanning 17 years, whose silly mistake is threatening the legacy he had been building for years, reports Zambian Eye Correspondent.
The renowned photographer recently left the country shocked when his semi-nude pictures of himself and his girlfriend went viral. His posts were regarded by many as being inappropriate and indecent.

Tukuta with his Girlfriend

Tukuta made social media posts of images of himself with his newly acquired girlfriend only identified as Carol supposedly meant to punish his wife Chanda.
He was roundly condemned for the behavior with many urging him to offer a warm-hearted apology to both his family and to his many fans who have held him in high esteem as their role model.
But, the photographer has blamed his latest unbecoming behavior on marital problems claiming his wife has been falsely accusing him of infidelity. Information yet to be confirmed is that the photographer is now even thinking of ending his own life.
This not the first time the award-winning photographer has courted controversy, sometime last year Tukuta came under fire uploading several partial nude pictures of himself on social media.
However, he defended himself saying he was a victim of blackmail by some unknown people when he lost his phone. He claimed that people who picked his phone wanted to leak the pictures so that they go viral unless he give them K50,000. He urged fellow Zambians to be wary of what they put in their phones.
Chellah boasts of a rich working history, has travelled extensively to more than 30 countries as a photographer. Outside Photography Chellah Tukuta is happily married to Chanda Tukuta with 2 beautiful daughters Malumbo and Etana.
His work includes Fashion Photography, Street/Documentary Photography, Events (Weddings, Bridal Parties, Corporate Events etc..), Product Photography, Macro Photography, Nature/Landscape Photography…..
He also boasts of various accolades under his belt, some of them being; the African Photographer of the year 2017 Lens Awards, Lagos, Nigeria. Fitness Photographer of the year 2017, Zambia Best African Runway Fashion Photographer 2017, Ethiopia African Photography Support Recognition Award, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tukuta is recognised among best 12 African Photographers in the continent by CNN, as well as among top 15 Documentary Photographers in the world by American Broadcasting Corporation.


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