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Verbatim: Hot Seat program featuring Lucky Mulusa

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ZE Facebook Group 1Zambian Eye launched The ZE Hot Seat on Friday, January 31, 2014 to enable its members on their social media platform, Facebook Group Page, have online interactive interviews at scheduled times with politicians, academicians, musicians, sports personalities and all those who have a following in society.

The Hot Seat which is moderated by a team of moderators from the Zambian Eye administration and editorial team discusses issues of national interest and other topical issues.

The first guest was Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) member who is former Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Mr Lucky Mulusa, whose seat was recently nullified by the Supreme Court. Mulusa is however re-contesting the seat in the forthcoming by-election.

The programme started shortly after 16:00 hours Zambian time. Below is a full verbatim:

Moderator 1 (M1) – Thom Shonga: Zambian Eye Members!

Our first interactive interview begins now. We introduce to you Mr Lucky Mulusa.

Mr Mulusa, good afternoon and welcome sir!

Lucky Mulusa: Good afternoon, thank you!

Thom Shonga: Thank you sir, before we start the interview the guidelines are as follows:

We have three moderators with me, Limbikani Msamba, Greenwell Nyirenda and Owen Miyanza


          1st moderator introduces the guest and welcomes him.

          a very brief background of the guest

          pose the first question

          Let the guest answer

          Then ask five members to ask questions

          The guest answers

          2nd moderator asks the guest a question

          The guest answers

          Five members ask questions

          Guest responds

          3rd moderator asks guest a question

          Guest answers

          Five members ask questions

          Guest answers   

Joseph Mushoke: Is there a way you can call for review of the said lapses?

Lucky Mulusa: Well, when I gave my testimony, I laid facts on the table, which facts everybody gave testimony about and no one rebutted a single one of them. They agreed with everything I said and gave lame explanations instead such as party and its government!

Thom Shonga: Members are advised to follow the guidelines below: –

    – Members will only be allowed one question each

    – They should be brief and to the point

    – No repeat questions

    – SMS style of writing will not be entertained

Thom Shonga: Mr Mulusa, do you expect a fair ruling in your case given that the bench is perceived to be biased in favour of the ruling party?

Celeste Kumwenda: Mr Mulusa sir, don’t you think the findings of the tribunal will be biased if the people it was set up to investigate have influential positions and are part of government, i.e., the Minister of Justice?

Lucky Mulusa: It’s a bit confusing. The Chairman gets a promotion during the tribunal sitting and so does potential witness! It’s difficult to read the conduct of the tribunal. There is Parliament too waiting to ratify the chairman and potential witness as Supreme Court Judge and High Court Judge respectively!

Nick-Venter S. Edwards: Hon. Lucky Mulusa, you are quoted here saying that the “tribunal was set up fast.” Was this outside of the statutory guidelines of setting up the tribunal or were you caught off-guard because you were not prepared for the petition you successfully put up? How soon and how late should a tribunal be set up when petitioners have successfully put across their argument?

Thom Shonga (M1): Members five questions

Lucky Mulusa: Mr Kabimba should have had the benefit of his conscious guiding him correctly and he should have resigned. But he behaved like one who does not belong to a profession with ethics!

Lucky Mulusa: Regarding timing, it’s a question of past conduct. Masebo’s Tribunal was frustrated by the same government that set up Kabimba’s very fast! That’s the source of surprise. We were very prepared.

Shupe Abigail Nyirongo: I see no justice in your case. You are dealing with a setup…my opinion

Joseph Mushoke: do you feel Judge Hamaundu should not have accepted to chair the tribunal because he had a vested interest in the matter before him being that Hon Kabimba and he come a long way and they were at the same school?

Edgar Kambole: Wasn’t the appointing authority committing an offence for not dropping a person being investigated in such circumstances?

Greenwell Nyirenda (M2): Let Mr Mulusa answer first, members hold your questions

Lucky Mulusa: Yes, Hamaundu should have recused himself. In the rule of natural justice, justice must not only be done, but it must be seen to be manifestly done. Any element of bias should be done away with. From the look of things, it looks like a set up. But to a seasoned political observer, no one wants to be as foolish as a fly that got buried with the corpse. PF is dead, it makes serving its interest at the expense of one’s future very tricky! The appointing authority is committing a moral offense by not dropping the minister. These are lacuna in our laws that we are picking up.

Nick-Venter S. Edwards: Thanks for answering my questions, but I think that a case has its own merits. That Masebo’s tribunal took ages to be looked into and executed should not arise as argument on how fast this tribunal was set up. Don’t you think so? I find your response contradictory with your earlier assertion, from which I deduced that you might have been caught off-guard.

Be that as it may, here is a “Yes” or “No” question.

Did the establishment of this tribunal satisfy legal requirements in setting up? (That is whether it was too soon or too late.)

Greenwell Nyirenda (M 2): Thank you Mr Edwards for your questions? That was your last question

Lucky Mulusa: Anymore questions?

Limbikani Msamba (M3): MEMBERS! Be advised that the tribunal matter had been adequately dealt with as per guidelines of this session. We will now move to the next topic on the agenda, which is the recently announced opposition alliance.

Greenwell Nyirenda (M2): Fr Frank Bwalya and your party President Dr Nevers Mumba are on record, saying they are ready to support any other candidate to should the opposition agree to go in an alliance. Mr Mulusa after the failures of alliances in the past, can opposition parties ever unite in this country?

Benjamin Kay Kajoba Mwinsho: Thanks for having you here. I have known you for a long time as a fighter even before you became a politician and I’ll only encourage you to keep on fighting for the voiceless people of Solwezi and North-Western and surely things are happening through your stance even under difficult circumstances. We love you and we’ll always pray for God’s protection so that you fulfil God’s plans over this Nation. Thank you!

Joseph Mushoke: Hon. the position of MMD die hard, is it there in the structures of the party? I feel you are allowing illegality at the expense of cleansing your party by allowing disgruntled elements championing what is not in the books.

Elina Tehillah Chikondi Tembo: Mr Mulusa, what did you do to fight HIV/AIDS in you Constituency?

Cleo De Plego:  Hon, my question is how do you look at your party MMD in the next 10years? People say it is slowly dying and will never bounce back?

Unza Watchdog Politics: YES SIR, what about the war of words between you and the UPND? Do they have the blessings of the party MMD?

Lucky Mulusa: Confirm I am back

Thom Shonga (M1) Welcome back sir! You may continue by answering questions asked above.

Lucky Mulusa: Apologies! Let me try to tackle the myriad of questions asked when I went offline.

Thom Shonga (M1) Apology accepted and we await your responses, sir.

Kabesha Chimwanga: On principles, I one day read your comment just before the supreme court judgement, which nullified your seat, that you are not going to stand in an event that the ruling went against you, for you felt it will be a waste of resources. Now when the ruling came and was not in your favour, your reaction was: I have to consult the electorates. Which of these two is your stance?

Lucky Mulusa: Well, too many questions. About the Aids pandemic in my constituency, I moved a motion in Parliament calling for an integrated development plan so that enough housing can be provided to reduce on the number of migrant workers. At least the mine has put up 3500 units. That is a step in the right direction. The government has not moved yet. The war of words between the UPND and myself, are as a result of the UPND being misled by MMD members who have recently moved to the party and have vested interests. There was an agreement between us and the UPND that after giving them Solwezi East on a silver plata, they would not contest Solwezi Central. When they indicated they would, they showed their true colours – people who should never be trusted

Lucky Mulusa: MMD’s future lies in true rebranding and getting possession of the initial ideals for which the party was given support by almost all Zambians. I feel that MMD has not done enough to sale its relevance in the current dispensation.

Lucky Mulusa: The position of MMD Die Hard does not exist. It’s a creation out of inertia in the party when members feel that those vested with certain responsibilities are not creative enough. It can be done away with.

Owen Miyanza (M4): Hon Lucky Mulusa, which party is more popular between MMD and UPND in Solwezi Central?

Lucky Mulusa: Father Frank Bwalya surprised me when he fielded in Katuba just on the back of saying we will put up one candidate. He missed an opportunity to walk the talk.

Lucky Mulusa Father Frank Bwalya surprised me when he fielded in Katuba on the back of promises that we will field one candidate. He missed an opportunity to walk the talk. Yes I said I was not going to re-contest. But everybody said they needed my voice back in Parliament. I then realized that I was no longer master of my destiny. So I gave in to the dictates of the people to whom I am a mere servant.

Lucky Mulusa: UPND talks big but keeps on calling MMD members to join them. All the candidates on the line up are a few days/ weeks/months out of MMD. MMD is stronger. But there is also the candidate factor. No longer will the people especially in Solwezi Central vote on party lines – but on candidate suitability. Solwezi Central has always had credible leaders – Mulemba, Sondashi, Tetamashimba and now, Lucky Mulusa.

Cleo De Plego: What do say on some MPs who have been standing for three terms but brought no meaningful development to their constituencies e.g. Jack Mwiimbu for Monze central.

Greenwell Nyirenda (M2): Can an Alliance work?

Thom Shonga (M1): Mr Lucky Mulusa, a follow up question. How feasible are political alliances when each political party has its own ideology?

Elina Tehillah Chikondi Tembo: Hon Mulusa, What are you doing to send the underprivileged Children to Secondary School? As you know a lot of people drop out of high school because of Finances.

Lucky Mulusa: Voters need to understand the role of an MP. Bringing development directly is not one of the roles. MP’s roles are specified in the constitution, i.e. to enact laws, move private members’ motions and move introduce private members’ bills. The quality of…See More

Owen Miyanza (M4): Hon Lucky Mulusa can take the above questions. Please members hold on. Moderator

Lucky Mulusa: We need a complete overhaul of political players. In the private sector and civil society, competence is the determining factor for career progression. In politics, clever illiterates reign supreme yet it is the field that determines economic and p…See More

Lucky Mulusa: Elina, taking underprivileged kids to school should be a national programme calling for well coordinated national development planning. No matter how much I lobby, Mr Sata will never allow a secondary school to be built in Solwezi Central for now. All roads currently lead to Muchinga Province unfortunately

Greenwell Nyirenda (M2): If President Sata invited you to his government Mr Mulusa, can you accept?

Joe Nawa: Have you ever considered joining UPND considering the bad history MMD has especially the allegations of corruption and calibre of officials in UPND.

Greenwell Nyirenda (M2): Let Mr Mulusa answer please. Hold your questions members. Moderator

Lucky Mulusa: Political ideologies are a rare commodity on the Zambian political landscape. This explains the frequent demise of political parties. No party at the moment is demonstrating an understanding of what they stand for and the Zambia voter doesn’t care either – otherwise PF would never have ascended to power with some silly “Donchi Ukubeba” ideology or slogan or whatever it was!

Owen Miyanza (M4): As you answer the above questions before we invite members to ask Hon Lucky Mulusa what do you think is the way forward for Zambia. The Alliance is dying before it is even launched.

Thom Shonga (M1): Thank you for answering my question, Mr Mulusa.

Owen Miyanza (M4): Hon Lucky Mulusa will answer the above question on what he thinks is the solution to Zambia’s current economic and governance challenges. Then we shall invite five questions from the members. Thank you – Moderator

Lucky Mulusa: If President Sata invites me on the basis of my skill to perform national duty, I would consider. The current invitations are based on increasing numbers and I am not available for that. Before nullification of my seat, I had a soft spot for UPND. But …See More

Musonda Kalulu: Honourable Mulusa, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having proportional representation in parliament as opposed to the current system? Secondly, why can’t we have automatic seats for opposition leaders with seats in parliament? Thank you.

Elina Tehillah Chikondi Tembo: Hon. Mulusa, do you and your colleagues honestly believe Dr Mumba will win the 2016 Elections? I mean why taking that risk Sir please give us someone better.

Greenwell Nyirenda (M2): Just a follow up question sir, you have said UPND are worse than PF. what will you do should MMD choose to go in an Electoral Pact with UPND. Will you continue aligning yourself with MMD considering that you detest UPND?

Greenwell Nyirenda (M2): Let Mr Mulusa respond.

Lucky Mulusa: The solution lies in having political leaders who possess broad-spectrum technical minds that can achieve a job fit for the complexities brought by globalisation in which while the earth is one, people live in their own different worlds. Each community…See More

Benjamin Kay Kajoba: Hon Mulusa, How would you describe the current opposition parties in terms trust..?? Seems to me the opposition we have now are not doing their job but rather shooting each other at the expensive offering checks and balance. Please, describe the current opposition?

Lucky Mulusa: Opportunistic in character. The Zambian Presidency has been lowered to levels where every Jim and Jack including those that have never worked in a formal set up to reasonable levels feel they can be president!

Bernard Chanda: Mr Mulusa, are you saying we would rather have the PF in government than voting in the UPND?

Greenwell Nyirenda (M2): Mr Mulusa what is your view on the government’s decision to grant a licence to some investors to mine in Zambezi lower National park, against the Environment Impact Assessment by ZEMA?

Lucky Mulusa: No, I am not favouring any political party. I am saying we need an overhaul of political players. If we continue on the same path, we will not be doing anything for mother Zambia. For various reasons I no longer trust anybody. Tribalism is rife in regionalised parties. MMD just needs to re-brand. It’s broadly based national character and tested background makes it a more trusted bet than the UPND.

Elina Tehillah Chikondi Tembo: “Opportunistic in character. The Zambian Presidency has been lowered to levels were every Jim and Jack including those that have never worked in a formal set up to reasonable levels feel they can be president!”

Hon. Is that the answer you’ve given as to why you MMD have decided to let NEVERS lead??

Benjamin Shanyinde Kasweka: Hon Lucky Mulusa congrats for making it. At least you have showed us that you can type English and also speak English hope you do not have an assistant behind that keyboard

Thom Shonga (M1): Hon Mulusa, can you elaborate on the re-branding of MMD, do you mean changing the party president or erasing the corruption tag that it carries?

Lucky Mulusa: Signing off – it’s been a pleasure chatting with you all!

Thom Shonga (M1): Thank you Mr Lucky Mulusa, for making yourself available. We hope to have you more often. All the best!

Owen Miyanza (M4): Thank you so much Hon Lucy Lucky Mulusa for making time to interact with the Zambian Eye members on issues of National Interest. We hope you will make yourself available when we call you again.

Mark Siajunza: Mr Lucky Mulusa, I must say am enjoying the discussion and I find your views very informed. I think we need another formula, than MMD or UPND.

Bernard Chanda: Mr Mulusa, when you say all political parties needs an overhaul, are you talking about their particular policies or of the people running these parties and if you as a member of MMD knows that the party needs re-branding, why has it taken so long to do it? Could it be that other senior members are not willing?

Elina Tehillah Chikondi Tembo: Thank you for answering my Questions Hon Mulusa

Greenwell Nyirenda (M2): Congratulations Mr Lucky Mulusa, we have seen Leadership in you. Please leave your doors open as we will call on you even at another time.

Thom Shonga (M1): To all members that participated, we thank you for your participation.

Tomorrow we host Mr Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika and on Tuesday 4th February 2014 we are hosting Ms Edith Z Nawakwi.

Owen Miyanza (M4): We thank you all members, we hope you have learnt one or two things from the programme. Join us tomorrow at 4pm Zambian time when we have another Guest on Hot Seat. For me and the entire Moderation team that includes Thom Shonga, Greenwell Nyirenda, Tima Savarino and Limbikani Msamba, I say God bless you all.

Elina Tehillah Chikondi Tembo: I can’t wait for Edith

Nsofwa Mwamusagashi Mubanga: Interesting Interview indeed. Thanks Thom Shonga, Owen Miyanza, Greenwell Nyirenda and Hon Lucky Mulusa for all the interesting facts. I’m beginning to love Zambian Eye with all these interviews, keep them coming… *** waiting*** I salute you brilliant man and women.



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