US President calls on the world to respect LGBTQI rights – will this affect Zambia/ US relations?

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By Kellys Kaunda

Yes, it will. May be not just now, but it will definitely at some point. The fundamental pillars of the US foreign policy include democracy and liberal economic principles. Under democracy is to be found human rights. For the US and most of its allies, LGBTQI are human rights.

To enforce these rights, the US could choose from the diplomatic toolkit a whole range of strategies that might even include either increased or reduced economic and social aid or support internal forces that could lobby or force a government to curve in to LGBTQI demands.

Of course, there are double standards in the application of these “rights” as some countries cannot be coerced into embracing them in the same way others would be. Unfortunately, this won’t be good enough as a defense for economically and politically weaker nations as Zambia.

But the US could also decide to give HH some slack as he seems to be delivering on the liberal economic front, an equally important fundamental pillar of the US foreign policy. “Give him a bit of time to settle and consolidate his hold on power but work on him slowly” is the more likely policy approach.

But uncle Sam who never gives up and spares no resource, leaves no stone unturned and spares no rod will definitely push the LGBTQI agenda in Zambia.


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