UPPZ promises to depoliticise Police IG’s office

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Charles Chanda

The Police cannot be blamed for their bias not when dealing with perpetrators of political violence that belong to certain political parties, because their hands are also tied which is why we are working on a situation where it will not be the President to appoint Inspector General of Police, says United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) leader Charles Chanda.

Chanda says police cannot work against instructions whenever they are told not to arrest anyone because currently, the Inspector General of Police seem to be job seekers from the President who have no choice but to make even wrong decisions to keep their jobs.

He says the police service can only discharge their duties professionally and fairly when their head is not appointed by the President, because political appointees are always a problem that respect even wrong decisions just to keep their job.

Chanda says it is for this reason that the UPPZ is working out a plan to have the Inspector General of police elected from among a body of Police Commissioners, which will assure that the office is de-linked from politics, thereby, discharging duties without fear or favor.

The opposition leader was speaking when he featured on a Lusaka-based Joy FM live interactive radio program today, where he was discussing the topic, ‘who do we blame for the political violence’ anchored by Kunda Kunda.

“Among the police commissioners, one of them has to be elected into the office of Inspector General, so that he is not a job seeker, because if the President appoints, you will have no choice as you want to keep your job. All the opportunities you even know it is because of the President, then his phone call becomes the Alpha and Omega,” stated Chanda.

“We want a situation where the President cannot remove the I.G because when you do that, he will be able to discharge his responsibilities without fear or favor. Political appointees are a problem no matter where they go. The I.G must not be appointed by the President, then we will have a police that is able to discharge duties freely, including arresting political cadres.”

Meanwhile, Chanda says Zambia needs political party leaders that do not thrive on making other people’s children instruments of political violence.

He says political leaders need to be in the forefront in condemning violence and not propagating it.

Chanda warned that all criminal elements that are being shielded even by those in government will be exposed once he forms government in 2021, which will be a time for payback.


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