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UPND’s opposition is based on slander, hate and propaganda – Tembo

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Sean Tembo


Leader of the opposition PeP Sean Tembo is says the leading opposition UPND’s opposition is based on slander, disrespect, hate and propaganda.

In his thought of the day message today, Tembo says his opposition to the ruling party is different as it is based on facts and respect.

Below is Tembo’s message:

The type of opposition that PeP provides is totally different from that which UPND provides. The UPND opposition is based on propaganda, slander, hate and disrespect towards the Government of the day. On the other hand, the PeP opposition is based on facts, patriotism and respect for those in power today, so that we may also be respected when we are in power tomorrow. As PeP, we believe that you do not need to disrespect or hate your opponents in order to demonstrate to the people that you’re better or stronger. You see, the PF is a very weak ruling party that has only managed to survive by the grace of God. That means someone does not need to lie or exaggerate or slander the PF in order to amplify their mistakes, weaknesses or misdeeds. Just their factual misdeeds provide adequate material needed to mount an effective opposition. So the incentive or necessity for propaganda simply should not arise.

SET 05.07.18


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