UPND’s Chilanga MP Candidate

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Charmaine Musonda

Dear Editor,

The UPND must respond to the people’s reaction and explain their decision to adopt Charmaine Musonda for the Chilanga seat, if at all there is any validation. She cannot be disassociated from the murder crime Mukata committed whether she is guilty or innocent. In politics the court’s opinion does not matter, it’s the court of public opinion that counts. This is the unjust reality she has to face for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

With this choice UPND are not offering voters a capable candidate, they are offering voters a murder suspect with a mystery which only herself and Mukata knows. I don’t want to call her a prostitute or a criminal but this is definitely insensitive to the family of the diseased guard. For God’s sake, UPND should be better than PF, who appoint ministers with a record of shooting people.

The best UPND should do is demonstrate leadership and humility by acknowledging their misjudgement and field another candidate. Charmaine Musonda must also read the mood and accept that it is too soon and grossly awkward to replace Mukata. This has a bad taste, because to some extent justice won’t be fully served to Mukata if UPND are suggesting that even in prison Mukata will somehow managed to keep his job through a “surrogate”.



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  1. Am not surprised with such an awful choice the UPND has adopted. Lately if you follow closely,you will find that a sequence of bad choices has emerged from this political entity. Let me elucidate,
    1. The embracing of known hoodlums like the gentleman from MMD. He terrorised masses with his wing if carders. How desperate can this party be to appoint such a proponent of violence as advisor to HH.
    2.The wiseman Mr Sakwiba Sikota couldn’t fit in this political entity because probably his level of perception was higher than was obtaining. He should be feeling sorry for this once upon a time vibrant party.
    3. What logic was applied to settle for Musonda whose back ground doesn’t respect family life values.
    This UPND party is headed for a clear crushing unless a paradigm shift is done.
    4. The president of this political party is slowly but surrounded by a group that has self gratification.

    My polite advice to Musonda is ditch politics before you get bruised. The ruling party will skin you alive left right and centre so before your integrity is damaged. Just withdraw
    5. Why has UPND decided to adopt a candidate that is so easy to tear down politically.
    6. This lady lacks the depth in personality that is critical for honourable men and women.
    HH redeem your self by removing this wrong adoption .

    The Watchman
    May 2, 2018 at 10:48 pm

  2. This is the case when you put on RED Colour. DANGEROUS!! YOU CHOOSE ONE DANGEROUS CHAP. Anyway, it is your culture as upnd.

    senior bino
    May 3, 2018 at 7:58 am

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