UPND youths rebuke YALI’s Ntewewe

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Andrew Ntewewe

Opposition UPND youths have castigated Young African Leaders Intiative President Andrew Ntewewe for his alleged attacks on their party president Hakainde Hichilema.

UPND National Youth Publicity and Information Secretary Samuel Ngwira told Ntewewe to stop using YALI to bring confusion in the country’s politics.

Below is the full statement as issued by Ngwira

The Director of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Mr. Andrew Ntewewe shouldn’t make YALI a child of confusion in Zambian politics; young people deserve better. We find Mr. Ntewewe’s unwarranted attacks on the United Party for National Development (UPND) president Mr. Hakainde Hichilema more speculative and completely misleading.

To refresh Mr. Ntewewe’s rusty memory, president HH was elected UPND leader at the party convention of 2006 through a democratic process defeating two other contenders; namely Mr. Sakwiba Sikota and Mr. Baldwin Nchite. The elections were conducted by the Forum for Democratic Process (FODEP) and declared free and fair by Mr. Stanley Mhango who was chairman of the elections.

We the young people in the UPND know that the Patriotic Front (PF) has lined up a good number of weak rooted persons on a fault-finding mission, and equipped them with a tsunami of lies to continually attack president HH; a man they are so very afraid off. This kind of desperation will not derail the impending and much anticipated dialogue.

Mr. Ntewewe is a big joke. He manipulated YALI and abolished the position of president in preference for Director; a position he holds in order to remain leader of the organization in perpetuity. Shamelessly, he is speaking for the PF whose leader has never known or won a democratic election to become its party president.

Mr. Edgar Lungu grabbed the PF presidency by acclamation and as such he cannot be compared to president HH on how he ascended to the top as UPND leader. Mr. Lungu has no experience whatsoever as an opposition political party leader. He is a novice in this regard and Mr. Ntewewe should know better.

We are also aware that Mr. Ntewewe is attacking HH to avoid prosecution by the PF government for failing to accounts for huge sums of donor funds he misappropriated. He has intentionally failed to account for substantial funds meant for the Program for Young Politicians in Africa (PYPA) from the Swedish government.

Instead of attacking HH, we humbly ask Mr. Ntewewe to account for PYPA funds if he is a morally upright leader. HH is a model and champion of democracy in Zambia. We love our leader and believe the UPND is the most ideal and the only alternative government to the absence of leadership that Zambians see under Mr. Lungu and the PF.

President HH brings world class economic management skill to the political arena in Zambia. Our leader does not believe in vindictiveness and pettiness. For the country to progress, we should all draw a line between mediocrity and quality leadership, and move forward. Mr. Ntewewe shouldn’t make YALI a child of confusion in Zambian politics.

As UPND, we recognize and appreciate the role young people played to gain political independence in 1964, to reintroduce multiparty politics in 1990 and to kick out a corrupt government in 2011. But we are deeply concerned about the serious neglect of this very important and influential group of our population; even by the PF government.

President HH has the right prescription for the plight of young people in Zambia to make them more productive and transform their lives for the better. HH answered the call of the people of Zambia to contest the presidency in UPND and also offer national leadership way back in June 2006, aged 44 years. He brings with him a combination of specialness to offer quality political leadership that our beloved country urgently need.

UPND National Youth Publicity and Information Secretary.


2 Responses to UPND youths rebuke YALI’s Ntewewe

  1. Right on

    December 28, 2017 at 9:47 pm

  2. UPND must First fight for Political Independence of the people of Zambia. Yes, the Country attained its colonial independence from Britain, but Zambians are yet to get their independence from their rulers in Government.All the powers of the Regions, Districts, and Traditional Leaders are still held in Lusaka at State House and Cabinet Office. Their rights and powers need to be released back to the People, to reach the Village levels – that is how and when to obtain Political Independence, prelude to economic, social and cultural emancipation.

    The eorruption and adverse tribalism cancers that are currently being sang about are but only symptoms of bad governance, the root cause of the miseries of this Nation. There is need to stump out the cause of bad governance first, before even dream of tackling economic independence.

    UPND is encouraged to spearhead the fight for political independence of the People first and foremost.

    December 29, 2017 at 12:27 pm

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