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UPND headed for extinction after August 11 elections – Chikwanda

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Alexander Chikwanda

Alexander Chikwanda

Fianance Minister and Patriotic Front  (PF) central committee chairman for treasury Alexander Chikwanda has predicted that UPND will be in the relics of history books and will go into a total oblivion after the August 11 general elections.

Chikwanda said this when he met party members in Luwingu district during his tour of Northern Province that some opposition party was accustomed to losing elections and that after the PF emerges victorious in the August 11 elections, its memory would be confined to a museum and history books.

“The UPND is finished after these elections, it will go in history books and total oblivion after August 11″ Chikwanda said.

He said that the PF had no difficulties to point at its achievements of developmental projects not only in the province but across the country.

Chikwanda said that the PF would have no time for settling political scores once elected back into office, which he said was confident about.

He said unlike the opposition political parties, the PF would concentrate to building on its past five years’ achievements with a greater momentum.

“As a party, we are not short of where to point at in terms of developmental projects. We have seen here that we have many to point at and this is the case everywhere in the country. This is what the PF is. Development is what we know best. That is why when PF comes into power, which we will, we shall just have to consolidate with a greater momentum to build on what was achieved in the past five years.

“We will have no time for settling political scores like our friends. Some of them have been losing all the time and will not even merit a story in history or qualify to be relics in the museum instead. They will go into a total irreversible oblivion but we will teach them how to behave properly and inculcate a sense of social responsibility,” Chikwanda said.

He implored PF members to continue campaigning and go out in numbers on the polling day to give President Edgar Lungu a 100 percent vote.


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