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UPND Vice president Banda’s failure to pay his house rent is an indictment on the leadership of HH – PF

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Canisius Banda

Canisius Banda

The ruling Patriotic Front says UPND Vice president Banda’s failure to pay his house rent is an indictment on the leadership of party president Hakainde Hichilema.

The PF said this in a statement below on Saturday issued by it’s Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya.
The attempt by Dr Canisius Banda to drag the Patriotic Front (PF) into his known problem of failing to pay rentals for his dwelling should be understood as a veiled message to his party the United Party for National Development (UPND) to take care of him.
It is an open secret that since Dr Banda joined UPND for which he is Vice President for Politics he has been struggling financially. We have seen him driving a vehicle with the kind of finished types commonly known as insoka (snake).
The story of his failure to settle rentals is historical and has nothing to do with persecution by the landlady. As such, we don’t believe assertions that some people working with the landlady could be undertaking a plan of persecuting Dr Banda.
The truth of the matter is that the predicament of Dr Banda speaks volumes about the failure of UPND and its rich leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema to support their Vice President who works for the party on a full time basis. Therefore when Dr Banda says that PF has offered him charity and better treatment including financial support he is actually sending a message to his rich leader and brother Mr Hichilema to take care of him.
We believe that Dr Banda has decided to stay in UPND and just send an SOS message to the UPND leader because he knows that the party has capacity to pay him a decent allowance for his survival. Moreover, Br Banda knows what we all know namely that Mr Hichilema is a very rich Zambian businessman and has capacity to support him.
Therefore, the predicament of Dr Banda is an indictment on the leadership of Mr Hichilema. It is appropriate to wonder why a rich man can fail to help his right hand man who has become financially vulnerable for siding with the poor under the banner of the UPND.
We are aware of the suffering of some UPND members who are very close to their rich leader Mr Hichilema.  When they fall sick they complain that Mr Hichilema gets journalists at great expense to go and pose for photos with them lying in pain in the hospital bed in University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and leaving them without any meaningful support.
It is this same attitude of Mr Hichilema that has made him refuse to make a personal social responsibility contribution to improve the primary school he went to in his village. The bottom line is that rich people are morally obliged to perform acts of philanthropy not only to their friends and relatives around them but society at large.
Finally, we urge Mr Hichilema to realise that the lamentations of Dr Banda are directed at him and that he should do something about it. The following is part of the lamentation as quoted by the Post Newspapers. (Post Newspapers No. 7106 SA746-April 2, 2016 page 4)
I am being prosecuted, that is all. I am being
mocked and ridiculed. The only crime I have committed
is to side with the poor people of Zambia. That is all,
and I leave this matter in the hands of God.
I will find peace in the bosom of my Father.
We know that once President Lungu learns about the predicament of Dr Banda he will assist him from a purely humanitarian perspective should he be willing.
In conclusion what we can say is that Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has small money but a big heart so he helps those around him whereas Mr Hakainde Hichilema has big money but a small heart so those around him suffer. A portion of the money Mr Hichilema used to spoil diplomats with choice wines, expensive whiskies and sumptuous food could have gone to Dr Banda’s landlady to allow Dr Banda get back his belongings into the house he was evicted from. Even a portion of the money that was used to host anti-Lungu clergy such as Bishop John Maambo could have gone a long way to alleviate the suffering of our brother Dr Canisius Banda.

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