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UPND Veep Kapita denies pocketing K2 Million campaign funds

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Richard Kapita

Richard Kapita

UPND Vice President for Administration Richard Kapita has come out in the open to strongly deny reports that he has been sidelined after he failed to account for K2 million Kwacha campaign funds.

In a statement, Mr Kapita said he has not been sidelined by party President Hakainde Hichilema adding that his subdued public appearances at party functions is due to the fact that he has relocated to his farm in North Western province.

He said as party Vice President, he is still a committed member of the party and that there is no way he could have abused campaign funds because he does not have access to any cash belonging to UPND.

‘Known people, whose motive and agenda is unclear to me have been peddling lies to the effect that I have failed to account for K 2 million campaign funds which they claim was donated to our party for the January 2015 presidential by election,’ he said.

‘They further allege that as a result, President Hakainde Hichilema is very upset with me and has since sidelined me from party activities and that consequently, i have gone into hiding hence my none appearance at public events including press briefings.’

He added, ‘I joined the UPND at its inception and have served as its deputy treasurer general (elected), member of parliament for Mwinilunga West and now vice president (again elected). In the 13 years i have been a member of this great party, i have dedicated my life totally to the UPND and our presidents; starting with our founding leader Anderson Kambela Mazoka (MHSRIP) and now President Hakainde Hichilema.’

‘I have been loyal to this party even in the face of numerous temptations to jump ship to the ruling party,’ Mr Kapita said.

‘Let me set the record straight and put this matter to bed once and for all. Firstly, during campaigns for the last presidential by election, i never received k2m from any donor .in my role as Vice President don’t handle any cash as this is the job of the party Accountant.’

He emphasised that he has never failed to account for any party resource that has come into his hands as Vice President.

Mr Kapita said there is no animosity between Mr Hichilema and himself that he has not sidelined me at all.

‘My deliberate disappearance from public eye is simply because i have relocated to my small farm in north western province with the aim of helping mobilize the party in readiness for 2016 general elections,’ he said.

‘It is therefore, not possible or practical for me to be present at all public events in Lusaka. Why have i taken this long to respond to these malicious and unfounded lies? i didn’t want to generate negative debates in the media at the time that our gallant men and women were busy campaigning for our candidates in the just ended parliamentary and ward by elections .’


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