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UPND using CDF vihecles in by-election campaign – Sampa

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PF presidential candidate Miles Sampa says the ruling party UPND is using Government vehicles including those recently procured using Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Government recently procured some Landcruiser vehicles using CDF funds for monitoring projects under the fund.

Now Sampa who is campaigning in a by-election in North Western province has alleged that the vehicles were being used in the campaigns.

He had also alleged scheme by the UPND to ensure the party wins the by-election.

The UPND were by press time unavailable to comment on the allegations.

However on pictures, posted by Sampa only one CDF vehicle is seen crossing the Zambezi river in a pontoon.

This is what Miles Sampa wrote:

So the UPND using all manners of state facilities, machinery, equipment and resources abuse to win the Yantanda ward in Chavuma by any means necessary.

Yesterday on the day I arrive in the district was greeted with the pontoon sudden sailed away by waves’ from the known docking point (station) to further away from know area. The pontoon cardinal in the campaigns as the ward is across the Zambezi river and some 80km towards Angola.

Our party officials then led me to the ‘secret’ hidden pontoon docking place where we witnessed all manner of GRZ vehicles transporting UPND campaigners to and from the ward. I noticed the area DC GRZ Van and the newly bought selectively distributed CDF 4x4s that have been deployed to the ward for campaigns.

Earlier vehicles seen ferried across ‘secretly’ by the pontoon to campaign were for the Education Minister, Home Affairs Minister and Government Chief whip Hon Mulusa.

I can estimate that the total cost on government confers on these vehicles (fuel & depreciation) lodging and allowances for Ministers will be a colossal K5M. So much for a promised prudent and non wasteful government.

There is even more desperate acts they have done and will reveal shortly.

Anyways as history has showed such tricks don’t work during a general election.



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