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UPND supporters bash Sishuwa

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By David Zulu.

Numerous Twitter users have taken to denouncing Dr. Sishuwa Sishuwa, a fervent social media critic of President Hakainde Hichilema. Sishuwa faced severe backlash after he ventured into questioning Hichilema’s integrity through a lengthy and meandering statement that alleges the President has devised a “five-point plan” to maintain power at any cost.

Among the strategies attributed to President Hichilema, are efforts to isolate the Catholic Church, co-opt influential figures from civil society, manipulate the electoral body, and weaken the opposition party, as claimed by Sishuwa.

However, the majority of responders on Sishuwa Sishuwa’s account vehemently opposed his views, accusing him of lacking objectivity and substance.

One Twitter user, ‘no more go’nga, countered, “Your message is misleading and based on the wrong assumption that HH is extremely desperate… Furthermore, there is no dispute between HH and the Catholic Church; this is pure speculation… Lastly, the opposition has weakened itself…”

Amusa expressed shock, stating, “I am shocked that Sishuwa’s own mind even believes what he has written,” while Mutenguna mentioned, “My main issue with the article is that it starts with a premise that is not substantiated anywhere within it, namely that HH has already devised a five-point plan.”

Victor Kachabe commented, “Your article is heavily biased and infused with bitterness,” while ‘The subject’ wrote, “This is the first disappointing article I have read from Sishuwa.”

‘Happy Zambian’ stated, “The issue of the Catholics emerged only two weeks ago; how can it suddenly become a government agenda within such a short period…”


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