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UPND Secretary General calls Catholic Priest a devil

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Bishop Alick Banda

United Party for National Development (UPND) General Secretary Batuke Imenda says the Catholic Bishop Alick Banda Banda is the Lucifer of Zambia who wants to take advantage of citizens by promoting the Patriotic Front (PF) who gassed citizens, promoted bloodshed , divided the country, subjected citizens to terrorism , stole public funds , closed media houses , among other evils.

Imenda says the nation knows that Banda is a well known PF political conman who hides in the pulpit to preach PF ideologies.

“In 2021, the Almighty God proved him wrong and that God himself is in control. HIS will came to pass against Banda’s personal interest coated in Holy lobes.

“It is known that Bishop Alick Banda has declared his interest in support of Edgar Lungu . In 2021 , Mr Alick Banda openly supported the PF together with the Chawama Priest who swore to support the PF Chawama MP,”he said.

Imenda says both Bishop Banda and Father Anthony Salangeta are PF political conmen who shall be considerd political opponents not priests moving forward.

“We are not surprised that the two PF political conmen would support each other in scandalizing the President out of their bitter loss in 2021.

“I am aware that they are at pain to see President HH outliving their expectations in delivering free education, CDF , over 30,000 recruited teachers , recruiting over 11,0000 health workers in less than a year , training youths in artisanal programmes like Carpentry, metal fabrication, general agricultural programmes , reopening of Indeni refinery and re-employment of over 1500 employees, uniting the country, ending load shedding , and reaching a staff level meeting on resolving the PF caused debt crisis, establishing a fertilizer manufacturing plant which shall produce when at full capacity 700,000 compound D and 300,000 metric tones of Urea respectively. All this has been done in less than one year seven months,” says Imenda.

He however tells Bishop Banda and Fr Salangeta that turning the pulpit into a political podium by way of not preaching the Holy Word is a devil skirm and a Satanic philosophical tactic.

Imenda says the UPND challenges the two to consider taking off their vail and stand for the PF presidency so that they can meet in the battle field .

The battle comes after Fr Salangeta on Sunday 21st May 2023 said his people don’t understand GDP nor interested in the graphs presented by President Hakainde Hichilema during his Press conference.

President Hichilema during a press conference on 18th May, 2023 at State House presented graphs to show how his administration has performed.

But Fr Salangeta said the people in Chawama are interested in the cost of food, he told members to inform the Head of State.


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