UPND says it will report Kambwili to the International Community

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Opposition Party for National Development (UPND) says it will report government spokesperson Chishimba Kabwili to the international community for the alleged derogatory remarks he uttered during the Sunday interview program on Zambia national Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).


The opposition party is also considering taking legal action against the national broadcaster for allowing the government spokesperson issue tribal remarks against their party without taking any reactive statement from the party.


UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango noted that according to penal code 87 of the laws of Zambia, it is a criminal offence for any person to utter tribal statements against another adding that such statements are divisive and injurious.


She stated that anyone in the forefront of giving a hate speech is guilty of an offence, citing Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri, the Secretary General Davis Chama, and government spokesperson Kambwili, as perpetrators of hate speech and tribal remarks.


“We have decided to report this matter to the United Nation International Rapporteur, and the Genocide Watch, over the derogatory remarks ba Chishimba Kabwili made on national broadcaster, we have demanded for a slot on the ZNBC to enable us react to the statement that the minister made because we thought that is the principle for any media house to do so, but the national broadcaster has faulted in this area, ” Nalumango, a former Minister and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly said.


She added, “UPND will take legal action against the national broadcaster and we demand that the levis we pay be scrapped off as it is not benefiting the tax payers. We are a democratic country.”


Ms. Nalumango noted that UPND is not a tribal party because electorates don’t choose leaders to come and change other people’s tribe.


“Am a tabwa and no one can change my tribe his lunda (pointing at Charles kakoma)! We didn’t vote for one to come and change our tribe because this is criminal,” she said.


And on the matter to take ZNBC to court Ms Nalumango said if citizens rose to take the national broadcaster to court for alleged unprofessionalism, the entire management would be removed.


Meanwhile UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma says Mr. Kambwili should be barred from entering countries like the United Kingdom (UK) because they are immune to such acts.


But Patriotic Front Lusaka province Youth chairperson Kennedy kamba says UPND members were just guilty at the remarks that government spokesperson Kambwili uttered during a Sunday interview.


Last week government spokesperson Kambwili stated that there are tribes in the country where even if Jesus Christ stood in their territory they would not vote for him.


Mr. Kamba noted that Mr. Kabwili did not mention any province when he made the illustration but is surprised that the reaction came from the opposition UPND party alone.


He stated that the issue is eating them up because they are the ones who are tribal and wondered why other tribes have not reacted in the manner they have done.


Mr. Kamba however maintained that the opposition UPND party is a tribal party from the time president Hakainde Hichilema took over compared to the patriotic front which he claimed has embraced all tribes and demonstrated leadership.


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