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UPND resolve to use political solution to secure HH’s immediately release

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HH is being detained by Police on treason charges

The opposition UPND supreme organ, the National Management Committee and Members of Parliament have held an extraordinary meeting and resolved to take a political route to secure their leader’s release immediately.

Hakainde Hichilema who has been remanded in prison for 22 days now is charged for treason, whose sentence in Zambia is a death.

In a press release below to Zambian Eye, UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma has announced the resolutions made at the party’s National Management Committee meeting which met for the first time after the arrest of Hichilema.

The Supreme Organ of the United Party For National Development ( UPND) , National Management Committee (NMC) today held its first meeting after the arrest and detention of party President Hakainde Hichilema. This was an Extraordinary Meeting of the NMC at which UPND Members of Parliament were invited to attend and participate.
The meeting resolved generally and as follows:
1. President Hakainde Hichilema should be released immediately and without conditions.
2. The incarceration of President Hakainde Hichilema is politically motivated and requires a political solution. The NMC concluded that the aim of the Patriotic Front ( PF) is to (a) eliminate HH politically by jailing him for more than 6 months so that he is disqualified from standing again in future Presidential Elections.
(B) Eliminate the UPND by arresting it’s leaders and crippling it’s ability to organise and perform its functions so that PF has no serious competition in future elections.
(C) Kill HH if possible. The excessive force used to raid on his house without a warrant and destruction of his gate, doors, windows and teargasing of his rooms was aimed at eliminating him.
3. While the lawyers are pursuing the legal approach to release HH, as a political party, the UPND should pursue peaceful and lawful political activism to mount pressure on the authorities to release HH.
4. The Kuomboka ceremony incidence cannot legally amount to treason to warrant the hanging of HH . At best, it can only amout to a traffic offence which HH did not personally commit.
5. The UPND commends the international community for refusing to accept the treason charge on HH and demanding for his realise. We call on all Embassies accredited to Zambia, international bodies such as SADC , the African Union, European Union, the United Nations, Amnesty International, the Liberal network, Conservatives in the UK , Republicans in USA, the International Monetary Fund and other institutions to take interest in the violation of human rights and installation of dictatorship in Zambia. We appeal to the international community to intervene in Zambia.
6. The UPND humbly appeals to their Royal Highness es to reflect and guide the Patriotic Front and it’s leader President Edgar Lungu to release HH. As the traditional fathers and mothers of both HH and Lungu, they have the moral right to find an amicable solution to their two competing children in the political arena. It will not be a solution to allow one of their children, Edgar Lungu to kill the other child, HH and expect peace and harmony in the country.
7. The UPND appeals to the church to take a biblical and Christian approach to the political problem in Zambia today. We commend the Catholic Church for the Pastoral Letter they issued which was objective and reflected the actual issues on the ground. We would like to encourage them to convince other churches to do the same. We strongly condemn some church leaders who are encouraging Edgar Lungu to go ahead and hang HH. They are like the people in the Bible who wanted Jesus to be crucified even when he did not commit an offence.
8. The UPND resolved to fundraise resources to ensure HH is released. Every concerned Zambian or non Zambian is encouraged to donate a minimum of one kwacha towards the release of HH. Within this week, we will provide mechanisms of doing that.
Charles KAKOMA,
UPND spokesperson.


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