UPND ready to defend itself against PF attacks – Nkombo

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UPND Chairman for Elections, Garry Nkombo has taken a swipe at the PF’s failure to handle the Sesheke post-election misery and “reality check”.

He said UPND was ready to stand for the people of Zambia and defend itself in an instance that the PF attacked its members in the impending Bahati Parliamentary by-election or any other future elections.

Addressing journalists at the UPND Secretariat this afternoon, Nkombo said self defense was a Constitutional right enshrined in the Constitution of Zambia and that the people of Zambia had the right to defend themselves ” provided their was enough proof that their lives were in danger”.

Nkombo said, painful as an election loss may be, it was incumbent upon the PF to accept the fact that Zambia was a unitary state whose people had the right to freely elect their representatives without fear or intimidation.

The Mazabuka Central lawmaker said the first incidence of violence erupted in Maondo ward, in Sesheke and was orchestrated by known civil servants including Lungu’s Political Advisor, Kaiser Zulu.

He said the overrunning of the physical barricade that was put by the police to bar PF cadres from disrupting a UPND meeting led to the police’s failure to handle the violence in Sesheke.

Nkombo also challenged Home Affairs Minister, Stephen Kampyongo to clearly outline what he meant by stating that “Hakainde Hichilema was a lawless person”.

He said the UPND decided to bar the PF from attending the funeral, later on the burial of it’s then Parliamentary candidate, Romeo Kang’ombe’s father because the party didn’t want any contact with the PF.

Nkombo said the incidence where the PF thugs captured a UPND supporter who was in the possession of a Voter’s Register triggered the violence that ensued in the Constituency and led to the eventual battering of machete and gun-wielding PF thugs by the Zambia Police.

He said the infamous violence that is making rounds on social media is not about the UPND and the PF, but that between the Zambia Police and PF thugs.

He said the police had to act in the way they did stating that had they not done that, the PF would have butchered and shot at UPND candidate, Romeo Kang’ombe as they had made it obvious while at the police station that they were after his life.

He said the police service should not stop acting in accordance with their training because they had the mandate to maintain law and order as they were created and regulated by an Act of Parliament.

He said UPND was ready to compete in the Bahati by-election, “favourably and “fearlessly,” and that PF Secretary General, Davies Mwila should not “lie to himself that Zambia is for sale” as the people had the final say on who leads them through the ballot.

The Elections Chairperson said the UPND would soon be launching a complaint to the police Command over utterances by Mr Mwila that “Bahati would be a no-go-area for the UPND which was tantamount to threatening violence.”

And concerning earlier threats by Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo that “UPND could not campaign in certain areas of the constituency,” Jack Mwiimbu, who is Monze MP and UPND Legal Chairman said there was no law that barred anyone from freely campaigning in any area where there is a by-election.

The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament said the PF’s lawlessness and failure to uphold the rule of law would put the country on fire and that its “gun culture” would result in the perpetual destruction of Zambia’s cherished peace.

He said, it was surprising that the PF has continued using vehicles with a particular Number Plate (ECL 2021) in order to abate crime even when the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) had declared them illegal.

Hon. Mwiimbu said the dual role that Mr Kampyongo plays of being a PF National Chairman as well as being Home Affairs Minister has made it difficult for him to perform his duties independently.

He said the two roles currently being played by Kampyongo would in the long run get to unsustainable levels as most people would resort to defy the detrimental execution of duties by him.

The PF Government on February 16, 2019 dismissed four Sesheke Senior police officers on grounds that they had beaten PF cadres who were causing havoc in Sesheke.

The former Chief Whip said it may be dark for the four Police Officers but certainly a new bright morning is coming for them.



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