UPND media / PR team is sleeping

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By John Kazembe

As a UPND backbencher,one thing I have noticed is that our media/PR team is sleeping. You see PF has the most brutal and incompetent but Lethal media team. Look at Sunday Chanda their Media Director,this Guy’s brother called MacPherson Chanda was fired at Zampost recently for squandering millions,but Sunday never even one day commented about it coz he is a beneficiary, but very busy and tight with HH and our Media team is quiet leaving our leader in the cold alone. By the way,Zampost workers workers have downed tools for not getting paid for 10months full. Imagine these are family men and women who need those salaries to survive.

Then we have Dora Siliya the now mouth piece of PF,some say she is from Cambridge University but if u see are tweets on twitter, even me who never went to college is better. This is a woman who is giving our leader HH 7 days to tell her or show proof that ZAFFICO had been sold when herself first refused that ZNBC is still state owned when the Chinese are calling the shots at now Chung Chiang formerly ZNBC.

Even now if u give her 5 years to explain to us Zambians why a toll plaza which looks like an entrance for wilddogs costs 4.3 million dollars? She won’t tell u even when are fellow Chitotela said it has special features which only him know. These are the same guys who bought 42 fire trucks at 42million dollars (each costing 1million dollars) and insured it at 250,000 kwacha,and if u give Dora even a month to explain why such a half second hand fire truck which in normal civilised countries can’t cost even 150,000 dollars,she won’t give u answers. Even now if u ask her Dora or any guy in PF as to how much they made from the Mukula deals which some now have serious mansions and big cars which don’t match their salaries, u won’t get answers.?yet they are tight with HH.

Our media team must wake up! So far am impressed with my Leader HH in that he now has more confidence in himself and he has mastered their tricks and the reason they are crucifying him over that sponsored interview is that he refused to fall in their trap. By the way, my leader yesterday told News Diggers that he doesn’t fear jail anymore or to be arrested and that locking him up won’t change the fact that Zambians are Angry with PF.

So if UPND is to smell power? Let the media team pull up their socks or let them pave way for those who can manage.

A media team is their to defend the party and its leadership.
PF has a manipulative media team which paint PF Party as a saint when they are actually not!

These are my own views as a UPND Backbencher


5 Responses to UPND media / PR team is sleeping

  1. I thought so brother John Kazembe.Where are the people employed to defend the UPND party from various malicious attacks from Pf? UPND please take notice on this one.Your people in the media Dpt are not doing a good job marketing HH.Pf is destroying the country yet their media is busy defending their lies left right and centre.Please organise a strong PR team to work 24/7 and start mobilizing from the grass roots…

    November 9, 2018 at 11:53 am

  2. its very difficult to challenge someone you don’t agree with in principles.
    where you cannot use propaganda to sound true, someone without principles will use what u can’t but the truth remains the same.
    where you cannot lie, your opponent will lie.
    So if left unchecked, piles of lies are hipped somewhere that one day it will erupt and catch up with you liars,
    and truth will always clear everything on its way.
    it will not be too long “some people responsible will be answerable” patience has the great virtue of justice and as UPND stands, it should not force its way in dirty politics trying to bring justice to these law perpetrators and corrupted few individuals. The whole system of propaganda will soon come to a dead end as they will entangle themselves in a web of lies they will not escape and when in due time justice will be mate, corruption and all these lies will be put to rest until further notice coz Zambians would have learnt and put measures to avoid a tragedy like this in future. for now we are still in the old sku of learning to undo the mistake Zambia made…

    i have great hope that our children will live in a better Zambia and a safe one…

    November 9, 2018 at 12:16 pm

  3. I had always believed that the UPND media team is dead. Sleeping is a better term to describe it.
    I once was a member of the UPND and realised that few understand their roles as an opposition. It may surprise you that most of their leaders are only interested in “eating.” I pity HH who spends a lot for his party, in cash and other resources, but all that just goes in the drain.

    November 9, 2018 at 2:33 pm

  4. I totally agree with you Brother John Kazembe. Mr Kakoma, Hon. Conelius Mweetwa and Madam Ruth Dante MUST RAISE THEIR GAME! They are too slow and anactive for this LETHAL PF TEAM OF SUNDAY CHAÑDA, ANTHONY (ANTONIO) MWANZA AND EVEN AMOS CHANDA! Maybe, just maybe, there is urgent need to overhaul or restructure that department through an election!

    November 10, 2018 at 7:32 am

  5. Do we have Media team in UPND Change them. I always ask what Matambo is doing,why don’t they defend HH.ZAFFICO worker have been laid off why. If the company is not sold why laying off workers. This message was Radio Icengelo phone in program I don’t if it is true.

    November 10, 2018 at 7:15 pm

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