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UPND Kanyama rally cancelled

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The UPND rally that was scheduled to take place in Kanyama Township on Sunday has been cancelled following concerns about the cholera outbreak that has rocked the area.

Party president Hakainde Hichilema and his vice Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba were supposed to address the much publicized rally after police had given the UPND the go-ahead to hold the gathering.

Hichilema’s deputy spokesperson Brian Mwiinga confirmed the cancellation in an exclusive interview with Byta FM News Friday morning.

Mwiinga claimed “they have used the Ministry of Health to cancel the rally on the pretext of the cholera outbreak in some selected parts of Lusaka.”

“One would wonder why they have decided to cancel the rally today when a few days ago, there were huge public gatherings throughout the country,” Mwiinga said. “In short, they have already cancelled and that’s why they have called for that briefing.”

But Ministry of Health Spokesperson Dr. Max Bweupe told Byta FM that the Ministry doesn’t deal with public rallies.

“That’s not in the mandate of the Ministry of Health to allow or not allow the rallies,” says Bweupe.

“That having been said that, right now this is in the middle of an outbreak of Cholera and I don’t think that it’s very advisable to have large gatherings otherwise everybody will have cholera there.”

Meanwhile, when asked if the Zambia Police has cancelled the rally, Service Public Relations Officer Esther Katongo was surprised with the information that is circulating on social media.

“Cancelled? Cancelled by whom? No, as police we have not cancelled any rally, haa!” stated Katongo.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Health revealed that Kanyama has recorded six new cholera cases.

Ministry of Health Spokesperson Dr.Bweupe said since the start of the epidemic, the number of cholera cases attended to is 120.

Dr. Bweupe said Lusaka City Council is now supplying free water via kiosks in most of the affected areas and the Ministry of Health has since closed 34 out of the 199 inspected premises.

428 Wells have been clorinated and 6,040 bottles of chlorine given to households.


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