UPND has lost touch with the grassroots

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HH campaigning in Mongu, on the plains

Have you seen the official election results released so far? This shows that the UPND has lost touch with the grassroots and it is because the party is shooting in the dark, using the same-old-wine-in- new-vessels tactics and when their old-fashioned and ineffective tactics fail, they play the victim.

UPND is too preoccupied with forming government while neglecting the basics that it needs to do. While the party has concentrated on Lungu’s eligibility, nationality, impeachment, dialogue, election being stolen, its people allegedly being beaten by PF cadres and seeking sympathy from Zambians, PF is gaining ground.

You know why? These issues it is dwelling on have no direct impact on the people. The next thing you will hear is that the elections were not free and fair, no, Mr. Kampyongo caused mayhem in Shiwang’andu and threatened our voters, but what about the wards they have lost in Western Province and Shibuyunji?

You may not agree with me, but UPND has no strategy, makes poor decisions when it matters most and I doubt the party even has think tanks who are able to critically analyze issues and come up with plausible solutions and remedial measures to challenges.

But you see, this is what happens when you make certain individuals gods who cannot be questioned; people who will tell you to jump without questioning them why they want you to jump but simply ask how high you must jump.

It all comes to basics. How many leaders were elected by the people in UPND? Honestly, how do you expect a party with only appointed officials to run the affairs of the party effectively when their pledge is to the appointing authority?

I am personally waiting to see how their convention will turn out to be when and if it will be held as we were threatened that they will hold one not long ago and see what calibre of party leaders they will come up with because I see the whole event to be simply an academic exercise.

It may be too early to judge but with these records, PF will crush the opposition in 2021 even if it puts Max Chongu, the drunk Dorcas mother as its presidential candidate because our opposition has no strategy, doing the same baseless things like they are born from the same mother.

For once, let the opposition stop whining and just agree that they are a bunch of failures. Let them keep their excuses to their members for sympathy and spare us the noise.

Bennie Mundando
Political analyst


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  1. My, my, my, what a load of rubbish we are bothered with. The truth is that we know in Zambia bye elections are not a yardstick you will use to get the statistics for future elections. There is never any level ground for other parties in the opposition.Government machinery is at work where there are bye elections taking place. Ministers, Dc’s, Ps’s and others flock to each place with money to bribe the voters. Look at the live chickens that were being distributed the video is on facebook just for a by election! Ask yourself about the corruption we could never see? And somebody says the foot soldiers have to eat. Who can believe it? We saw it all. About violence, the first violence for the just ended election was in Kasempa where UPND campaigners were beaten badly by PF.Shame on Kabinga Pande and Kayekesi. Kayekesi would not dare take violence to Ikelenge but takes it to Kasempa. Sinda violence was next you saw the PF at it again in Estern province. While it happened, it was fine with PF. But when UPND retaliated heavily on Pf elsewhere only once, it was news headlines on ZNBC why? Pf wins relying on violence. PF is a violent party. UPND only acts in self defense. They are not violence.Don’t talk of Namwala it was a product of PF.

    April 29, 2018 at 4:33 pm

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