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UPND, go to a convention now – Laura

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Political activist Laura Miti has advised the country’s largest opposition party, the UPND, to urgently call for a national convention and elect new leadership.

And Miti says while she believes current leader Hakainde Hichilema remains the best man for the UPND presidency, he too must be subjected to a free, fair and competitive election.

“The UPND needs to urgently go for a convention. That convention should be open, transparent and engaged. Individuals should contest for leadership and we the observing nation should be allowed to watch. Bring in the cameras. Let us hear the manifestos, the campaign speeches,” Miti wrote on her facebook page today.

“My guess is HH is still their best man for President. But he must stand for election. What is more important is who makes up the rest of the leadership. It is critical that the party comes out of that election with a vibrant, convincing leadership that then completely changes the way the opposition party does its politics.”

Miti, who is Alliance for Community Action executive director, further observed that currently the UPND is no different from the ruling PF in terms of character and attitude.

“As I have said often, right now, except at the very top, the UPND is the mirror image of PF – just without power. You get the same sense of people who want power for power’s own sake. Violent, lawless cadres who hang out of car windows. Silencing of critical voices. No independent thought. No articulated plan for Zambia. “

She added: “So HH, this is on you. Be courageous enough to call for a democratic convention. We do not want to see women dancing there. We want to hear the problems of our country engaged with. Importantly, have an independent electoral commission. The vote for every position must be competitive and fair. If you get an intelligent, committed, robust team around you, 2021 is yours. If you don’t, we citizens will find a way of creating a movement behind an alternative leader who we can believe is not leading another PF – just dressed in a different colour.”

The UPND last held an elective convention 12 years ago following the demise of founding leader Anderson Mazoka. Since then the party’s key leadership positions have been filled via appointments.

Last year, however, party leader Hichilema announced that the party had commenced preparations for a national convention ahead of the 2021 elections.


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