UPND fails to file in nomination in Kasenengwa as Candidate disappears with money

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UPND adopted Parliamentary Candidate for Kasenengwa Constituency Dr Faustin Sitima Banda has dissappeared despite getting the adoption certificate yesterday.

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka addressing journalists at the Party Secretariat said the NDC Chilanga parliamentary saga has now hit the UPND.

” The enemies of Democracy are at it again. Just like what happened to our colleagues from National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Chilanga, our candidate Dr. Faustin Sitima Banda has disappeared after getting an adoption Certificate and campaign materials for the Kasenengwa by-election. We also gave him cash, which money he has disappeared with”. said Mr Katuka.

He said Dr. Faustin Banda, was as of yesterday the party’s adopted candidate to contest on its ticket in the forthcoming Kasenengwa by-election slated for September 6th, 2018, but hell broke loose, when the candidate disappeared into thin air after he was handed the Adoption Certificate, given campaign materials and an undisclosed amount of money.

However Mr Katuka said this is not strange because it seems a trend set to trap opposition political parties so that they do not participate in any election.

He said Dr Banda was UPND candidate in 2016 election and he proved a stable person and this can be concluded that something is wrong somewhere.

He also said his phones are off and no trace of him anywhere.

” its our prayer that he remains safe and protected,” said Mr Katuka.

He also said that he strongly thinks that Zambian people will now understand the position of our competitors which has been characterised by price tagging on people and buying them.

Hon. Stephen Katuka, who is party Secretary General, said the move by Dr Faustin Banda to disappear into oblivion on the day of filing in of nominations amounts to theft by ‘enemies of democracy.

However Mr Katuka said that does not take away the strength UPND has because parties like MMD including UNIP spent so much cash on their way out

“To our members, take heart our environment is filled with corruption and intimidation and the weaker ones will give up but the strong ones will always remain fighting for the just cause.” said Mr Katuka.

Meanwhile, the party had by Press time successfully filed in its five (5) Local Government candidates in North Western and Western Provinces, respectively.

Dr Faustin Banda, an Engineering Lecturer at the University of Zambia (UNZA) was the Party’s Kasenengwa parliamentary candidate in the 2016 General Elections, in whom the UPND had a lot of confidence in.



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