UPND ‘congratulates’ PF for ‘siding with the oppressors’

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The UPND has sarcastically applauded the PF for marching in solidarity with “those stripping our national assets and taking us back into colonialism.”

The opposition party has also expressed amusement at the “express speed” at which the police command in the province processed the PF permit to match in support of the Chinese.

Yesterday, hundreds of ruling party youths on the Copperbelt led by provincial youth chairperson Nathan Chandra marched through the streets of Ndola in protest against what they called xenophobic attacks against foreign investors.

Although there was no mention of nationality, the protest was apparently in solidarity with Chinese nationals who have come under attack from some Zambians.

Commenting on the protest march by the PF youths, UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka said: “As UPND, we never knew a day would come when the Zambia Police under Charity Katanga would allow our own people to match in support of those stripping our national assets and taking us back into colonialism.

“Even more shocking is the express speed with which Charity Katanga processed the PF permit to match in support of the Chinese who are grabbing everything in the country from minerals, land, assets such as ZNBC, ZAFFICO and even grave sites in Chongwe.”

Mucheleka hopes the police will equally allow the opposition to march ” in defence of our land and national assets.”

“We hope this is a truly change of heart on the part of the police in the application of the Public Order Act and will allow us in the UPND and other opposition political parties, plus other citizens that will soon be matching and mobilising citizens in defence of our land and national assets.

“Like our President Hakainde Hichilema said, we shall not stop talking about PF corruption, economic collapse, and now ripping off of our national assets and land.

“The PF protest in defence of the Chinese yesterday went incident free as the police gave them all the protection they needed and we expect the same treatment as well when our President Hakainde Hichilema appears for police summons next week on Tuesday.

“We once more want to congratulate the PF for openly protesting in support and siding with the Chinese who want to grab ZAFFICO against the wishes of the people of Zambia,” Mucheleka stated.


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