UPND congratulates new Presidential Spokesperson Isaac Chipampe

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The opposition UPND is happy with the appointment of Isaac Chipampe as Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations, describing his credentials as impeccable.

President Edgar Lungu today appointed and swore in Chipampe, who previously held the position of Director for Press and Media Development at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, to replace Amos Chanda who resigned last week.

The UPND hopes Chipampe will steer clear of politics of patronage and partisanship and the temptations of corruption and pride.

“We wish to congratulate Mr Isaac Chipampe on his appointment as the new State House press aide,” reads a statement posted on the UPND’s official Facebook page.

“Isaac Chipampe’s credentials are impeccable having served in various portifolios including at the ‘Zambia Daily Mail’ as Managing Editor and as Director for Press and Media Development at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, a position he held until his appointment today.

“As a senior public officer, we hope Mr Chipampe will exhibit an exemplary conduct befitting his new portifolio, by ensuring he steers clear off politics of patronage and partisanship and the temptations of corruption and pride, vices that have dented the office in the recent past.

The opposition party further wished Chipampe the best of luck as he serves the nation in his new position.

And MMD youth Prince Ndoyi has welcomed the appointment of a seasoned civil savant as the new President’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations.

Commenting on the appointment of the former director of services at the Ministry of Information Isaac Chipampe, Ndoyi described the appointment as a worthy replacement and almost “PERFECT FIT” to fill up the heavy shoes left by Amos Chanda.

He said the appointment has come as a surprise to many and that it was surprisingly an appointment devoid of political affiliation but based on the professional background of Mr Chipampe.

“President Lungu has pulled a surprise replacement far from the myriad of public expectations. A less expected appointment that has settled our anxiety, especially with the lists of possible candidates we were seeing which were somewhat disappointing.

“This has signalled hope in the Presidency that he still has eyes looking across the horizon for talented and hard working Zambians and has demonstrated that he did a lot of soul searching and deep reflection. It is encouraging not only to civil servants but also hard working Zambians ready to serve their country even in higher portfolios and much challenging roles at highest level in government,” he said 

He urged Chipampe to open up State House and reduce inconsistencies in government positions on matters by bridging the gap in the dissemination of information on the Presidency.

“It is hoped that Isaac Chipampe coming from the Ministry of Information will bridge the gap in information dissemination on the presidency. Open up state house and coordinate information so that this habit of ministers issuing conflicting statements is stopped forthwith, it is confusing citizens. 

“It’s a pure elevation of a civil servant who has served in civil service particularly public media since 1996,” he said.

Ndoyi further encouraged the new Press Aide to remain professional and distinguish his job description from that of a party operative.

“We encourage him to be professional like he has always been which has seen him rise through the ranks.  He needs to distinguish his role from that of a party operative who will not propagate a partisan agendas. He must exercise patience in his office. He mustn’t carry an attitude of a know it all, but must be willing to learn from everyone. 

“He is a journalist himself, hence must be more friendlier and a darling of the media both private and public. His dignity and integrity will serve him from the current evils of media hate and negative propaganda,” he said.


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  1. Isaac is a mature person who will to the performe to expectation of many Zambians. You deserve it .

    Denny Lualaba
    June 13, 2019 at 6:55 pm

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