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UPND behaving like thay’ve removed Lungu’s immunity – Mundubile

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Patriotic Front (PF) presidential aspirant Brian Mundubile says the United Party for National Development (UPND) are behaving as if they have already removed former president Edgar Lungu’s immunity.

In an interview, Thursday, Mundubile said previous administrations would only go to the extent the UPND had gone on the Lungu family after the lifting of immunity.

“They could only go that far after the immunity was lifted. Those governments respected the immunity. So the UPND are behaving as if the immunity of the former president was lifted, so I’m surprised.

Unfortunately for the UPND, they don’t actually think through some of these things, they only think about themselves, they don’t think that Zambians are actually literate enough to read through situations and also refer to situations. My advice to them is that let them sober up, Zambians are upset, Zambians are annoyed, in case they didn’t know, they must know that Zambians are annoyed.

Zambians are annoyed because they seem to be focused on other things away from what they promised to do and deliver to the Zambians,” Mundubile said.

And Mundubile said if victimising and humiliating the former first family was being termed as rule of law, then�the new dawn had redefined what that meant.

“If the chief government spokesperson or the minister says what is happening is the rule of law, then Zambians should see the true definition of the rule of law under the UPND. The rule of law is going to the media to announce to the nation that you have seized properties belonging to your citizens even without a court process and you call that the rule of law. Then the Zambians should now know what the rule of law means. If the rule of law means that the residence for the former president who enjoys his immunity can be brought down with grinders and you call that the rule of law, then Zambians should now know what the rule of law means,” he said.

“So as the minister was defining the rule of law, we must just pick out examples of what is happening. The former first family is being victimised day in, day out, being humiliated day in, day out. If that’s what is called the rule of law, then Zambians at least have come to know what the rule of law means. So the Zambians should now know that the rule of law under the UPND is equivalent to lawlessness under a noble and a decent society. So for me, examples abound, we don’t even have to go through them”.

He said no former first family was ever subjected to the kind of treatment the Lungu family was receiving from the UPND government.

“What’s happening to the former first family is unprecedented because we have [Rupiah Banda] RB’s family, tell me, what’s happening to president Lungu now, did it happen to Rupiah Banda’s family? Were president [Frederick] Chiluba’s children victimised in this fashion? Were President [Kenneth] Kaunda’s children and family victimised in that fashion? The answers are abound. So of course, the new dawn means doing everything differently regardless of whether it’s in conformity or not. So this is what we are witnessing now,” said Mundubile.

Credit: News Diggers


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