UPND asks govt to safeguard the lives of Zambians in Zim

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UPND youths have called on government to safeguard the lives of Zambians in Zimbabwe without delay.

Gilbert Liswaniso, the UPND youth spokesperson, says his party is dismayed at the passiveness of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in issuing a travel advisory when some countries have advised their citizens to stay away from Zimbabwe following the developments in that country.

“We are dismayed by the high level of passiveness of Foreign Affairs Minster Harry Kalaba on following the political developments in Zimbabwe. The Patriotic Front (PF) government should safe guard the lives of Zambian in Zimbabwe without delay,” Liswaniso said.

“Already, the Botswana government has advised its citizens to avoid travelling to Zimbabwe until further notice. The Travel Advisory was issued on 15th November 2017 by the Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation.”

Liswaniso noted that busloads of Zambians are passing through Zimbabwe enroute to South Africa despite the delicate security situation in Zimbabwe.

“But as expected of Edgar Lungu’s Minister of ‘International Travels,’ Kalaba and the entire Patriotic Front (PF) government have done nothing on this matter. Every day, busloads of majority Zambians and other nationals leave Lusaka to Johannesburg for business and holiday.

“As you are aware, one part of the journey is a full long-winded night drive across Zimbabwe to Beitbridge from Chirundu and Livingstone. It’s clear Kalaba cares more about allowances from international travels with Lungu and both are least concerned about the lives of Zambians who travel to and from South Africa via Zimbabwe,” he said.

He said the Minister of Foriegn Affairs should also update the nation on the safety of Zambians in Zimbabwe.

“In the spirit of brotherly love, peace and unity, we demand that Kalaba informs the nation about the safety of Zambians living in Zimbabwe, including some truck drivers who could be marooned in that country. But again, the action of Foreign Affairs Minister confirms the absence of leadership in the Lungu led PF government as observed by the United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema.

“This is not a time to take peace for granted in Zimbabwe and Zambia especially. We seriously question the preparedness of the PF government in dealing with the possible influx of our brothers and sisters from Zimbabwe should the situation degenerate into a total disaster. We don’t know for certain how long President Robert Gabriel Mugabe will remain under house arrest and also how long the solider will remain calm on the streets of Zimbabwe.”

Liswaniso added: “We humbly ask Kalaba to step up the game and immediately issue a Travel Advisory to safe guard the traveling public until the situation improves in the now politically troubled Zimbabwe. We cannot afford to go by the PF’s government’s wait and see approach to such a serious and life-threatening matter. Please safe guard the lives of Zambians in Zimbabwe without delay.”



2 Responses to UPND asks govt to safeguard the lives of Zambians in Zim

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  2. Always looking for avenues to insult Edgar Lungu and his government. What nonsense of safeguarding lives of Zambians in Zimbabwe? Who has said that there is turmoil in Zimbabwe?

    November 17, 2017 at 6:06 pm

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