Unthinkable scenes in Zimbabwe

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ABC News reports that Zimbabwe’s state-run media are showing previously unthinkable images of demonstrations against President Robert Mugabe as several thousand exuberant people march toward his official residence, the State House.
The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation showed footage of people streaming through the streets of the capital, Harare, and one person carrying a sign saying “The people of Zimbabwe want Mugabe to go.”
The state-run Zimbabwe Herald newspaper reports the crowds are “wanting to see President Mugabe out.”
The report headlined “#Mugabe Must Go!” notes some of Mugabe’s achievements in his nearly four decades in power but says that “however the revolutionary train derailed somewhere along the way.”
The report says a rally with speeches has just ended at the Zimbabwe Grounds, where Zimbabweans in 1980 gathered to cheer Mugabe’s return from exile after the liberation war from white minority rule. Now they want to see him off.

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