Unruly PF cadres must be put in check – FODEP

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Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has appealed to the governing Patriotic Front (PF) to address the continued harassment of public officers by its cadres.

In a Press Statement released today March 21, FODEP has expressed concern on the continued harassment of District Commissioners (DC) and Council Secretaries by suspected PF cadres.

“In as much as we appreciate the provision of the PF constitution which states in Article 3 that, ‘the Party shall ensure that all the public institutions, State-owned enterprises and popular mass and similar organizations are led by persons who are members of the Party and who are uncompromisingly committed to achievements of the Party’  the continued locking up public offices by PF cadres whenever they have grievances against certain public officials is unacceptable and a sign of bad governance,” reads part of the FODEP statement.

Suspected PF cadres have recently harassed and locked out DCs of Chirundu and Mazabuka whilst in Mkushi it has been the District Council’s Secretary.

The statement that was signed by FODEP Executive Director, McDonald Chipenzi, says that such kind of behaviour is detrimental to achieving good governance and meaning development.

FODEP expresses surprise that the Zambia Police has not acted on the unruly behavior of the PF cadres that disrupt public peace and order.

Below is the full statement:

Press Statement

Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) is deeply concerned with the continued harassment of district commissioners and council secretaries by the suspected PF Cadres.

The unclear disciplinary procedures in the PF government against perceived erring public workers such as district commissioners and council secretaries should be addressed quickly by authorities.

In as much as we appreciate the provision of the PF constitution which states in Article 3 that, “the Party shall ensure that all the public institutions, State-owned enterprises and popular mass and similar organizations are led by persons who are members of the Party and who are uncompromisingly committed to achievements of the Party” the continued locking up public offices by PF cadres whenever they have grievances against certain public officials is unacceptable and a sign of bad governance.

Examples are abounding of public offices, among them Chirundu District Commissioner’s office, Mazabuka District Commissioner’s office and Mkushi District Council Secretary’s office, which have been closed by cadres clad in PF regalia on account that they were not happy with the manner the occupants were administering the public affairs in their respective areas.  These officials have remained vulnerable to cadres’ wrath without any protection from the appointing authority.

This kind of governance is detrimental to achieving good governance and meaningful development in the country. We appeal to the Local Service Commission to protect their people before they are de-moralized from the being harassed by the cadres.  President Sata, as the appointing authority of the DCs and President of the cadres harassing and haranguing his appointees should equally intervene by offering guidance on the right disciplinary procedures to be followed when disappointing district commissioners.

Further, FODEP is surprised at the failure by Zambia Police Force to arrest such unruly cadres disrupting public peace and order by locking up public offices without authority depriving citizens the much needed services is worrying and vindicates those alleging that the Police are highly compromised.



McDonald Chipenzi

Executive Director


8 Responses to Unruly PF cadres must be put in check – FODEP

  1. Mr Chipenzi why are you masquareding as a civil society member when we all know you are a member of a named small party which always claims to be popular?It’s very unfortunate that you could go to the extent of lying in the international media that the PF’s popularity at its height was 42%, without highlighting the fact that they managed to get that percentage against a government that used all underhand methods to deny them victory?
    How could the PF’s popularity be on the wane when they have been able to grab 10 extra seats from the opposition since 2011, extending their popularity even to provinces and regions where the party was previously unpopular eg Nakonde, Chama South (Eastern Province), Livingstone (Southern), Mufumbwe (North Western), Chongwe (Lusaka rural), Kapiri Mposhi (Central), Mkushi North (Central), Mpongwe (Copperbelt rural), Msanzala (Eastern), Luangwa (Lusaka rural). I think what should be more worrying is the UPND winning seats in regional areas, where it is even expected for them to win, like the recent Katuba win. I thought it should send a more shivering message to the opposition that they have not been able to gain any of the PF seats in by-elections, a party you say has become unpopular overnight. Isn’t it fear of contesting against Sata in 2016 that your party wants to come up with this stupid clause on 75 years. Despite all the claims consistently peddled by UPND that the ground had shifted to their gain, even hallucinating that they would get some seats in Lusaka and Copperbelt prior to the 2011 elections, wasn’t it shameful that they only got 18%? It should send a worrying sign to UPND that while Sata’s election performance since 2001 shows like this 5%, 27%, 38% and then 43%, theirs show like this since 2008 25%, 19% and finally 18%. How can the UPND or some other opposition parties claim popularity when seats have been grabbed under their noses by PF eg Livingstone and those other seats I have mentioned?
    It’s people like you who have contributed to HH’s embarrassing loses because you continually plant messages which massage his ego that he is popular, and that has gotten to his head. meanwhile, the majority reasonable Zambians just consider him for what he is, an immature Underfive politician.
    Rather than pumping up HH’s ego, advise him to sell his message to the people. Winning Katuba, Solwezi East and other regional parliamentary elections is not synonymous with winning a general election. Even before 2011 UPND managed to win Solwezi Central, Chilanga and Mufumbwe, however Hichilema and his party lost all those seats in the general election. And mind you apart from winning parliament from PF, Hichilema also has a huge task to defeat Michael Sata in the presidential election. Mind you in most seats, Sata was getting more votes than his own members of parliament in 2006, 2008 and 2011, and the opposite can be said of HH. check the election results and you will prove this fact.
    I know you will say that UPND recently won a local government seat in Chililabombwe, but what about the two seats PF grabbed in Southern Province, plus the over 90 they have been able to grab from the opposition in all the regions of the country since 2011?
    Lastly, I know you can’t be objective on UPND, but I wold advise you just to try, even just by one percent. I am sure if you clearly analyze that the much talked about UPND gaining popularity and PF reducing is just a figment of narrow-minded peoples imaginations. You will surely prove this in 2016.
    You have a responsibility to Zambia to go to the media, especially the international one with the truth, not figments of your imagination.

    March 21, 2014 at 10:35 pm

  2. @Patrick, how about the issues raised in the article?? keep consoling yourself in past glory and you will get a shock of your life come 2016. General elections in Zambia are never predictable. HHelp 2016!!!

    March 22, 2014 at 8:59 am

    • If you have clearly followed Chepenzi’s statements on several issues you will surely agree with me that his comments are anti-government, even venturing to commenting on issues which are not related to FODEP’s mandate. For you who are ignorant or have deliberately decided to, some of us know Mr Chipenzi’s past and present activities with the UPND. Let him not hide under the civil society when we all know his political cloth

      March 23, 2014 at 4:16 pm

  3. Ba Patrick, were you tryng to write a novel or a normal contribution or just afraid of UPND. Dont worry time will tell

    Lusala Buntele
    March 22, 2014 at 9:11 am

  4. Please call me FASTLANE(IN AUSIE LAND) – don’t use my real name.

    Ba Patrick really sounds like a PF cadre who has been holding up things against UPND and HH in particular. The article from Mr Chipenzi is so innocent and does not touch three quarters of what bwana Patrick is talking about. This is an open secrete of how much bwana Patrick hates UPND and HH. As a result his contribution to the topic at hand is AS USELESS AS HIS THOUGHTS.
    The issue here is that PF cadres are being allowed to MISBEHAVE by the powers that be and the police are scared to act because Michael Sata has allowed them to misbehave AND WITH THAT MISBEHAVIOUR THE PARTY THEY REPRESENT HAS BEEN LOSING POPULARRITY by the day.
    Even if I have been out of Zambia for over 8 months now I know that PF is at its worst today.

    Burton Thindwa
    March 22, 2014 at 12:14 pm

    • You mean a party that has grabbed 10 seats from the opposition since 2011 has become unpopular overnight? that doesn’t make sense to me. Infact elections in Zambia have been predictable, unless you refuse to see reality through your narrow mind, typical of UPND cadres. For instance in the last three elections reasonable Zambians have been correctly predicting that HH is a distant third candidate, but UPND cadres have been refusing that fact. Also since 2006 Zambians have correctly observed that the popularity of Hichilema is a figment of his and UPND imagination, even claiming before the 2008 and 2011 that the ground in CB and Lusaka had shifted in favour of UPND and that that party would even get seats like Kanyama and Matero. What happened when elections came was very embarrassing in that where HH was getting 1000 votes Sata was getting 37,000.
      I also challenge those who have attacked me to challenge me if I have lied in any sentence of my earlier comment, rather than just hallucinating in typical UPND format. I repeat that Hichilema and UPND’s claims that they are popular are not new, it is something we reasonable people have gotten accustomed to. Where will Hichilema get the votes when he can only win with a big margin in Southern and Western Province, and a smaller margin in North-Wetstern. Sata would swallow votes from those regions with just CB and Luapula. how about if you figure in Muchinga, Luapula, Central, and Lusaka?
      Mind you haven’t you noticed that where the PF have been losing they are always coming out number 2, which wasn’t the case in all the regions in 2011. Whereas where UPND have been losing they have been coming out even at number 4 or 5, even being beaten by FDD. Contnue comforting yourselves, you will cry more in 2016 when your Underfive leader gets 16% in 2016. Mind you his electoral performance since 2006 reads like this 25%, 19% and 18%

      March 23, 2014 at 3:52 pm

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