Unprincipled educated taking advantage of the poor

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Dear Editor,

The PF through the chief corruption suspect, Edgar Lungu have continued to float the narrative that development only comes through voting a ruling party MP. In Siavonga he is reported to have said that “people of Southern Province are like orphans because they did not elect members of parliament from the ruling party.”

As a lawyer and former MP, Lungu knows that the job of an MP, whether ruling party or opposition is to provide checks and balances to the executive and make laws, among others. It’s not the job of an MP to allocate resources. A southern province MP or any other MP has no control of national treasury, it’s the ruling executive. If Siavonga does not get its share it’s because the ruling party has decided to do so. Furthermore, people in southern province also pay tax and are entitled to government support regardless of who they vote for.

This primitive thinking which is even spearheaded by Lungu himself is divisive and retrogressive. It explains why they can’t even repair Kafue-Monze road or Livingstone-Sesheke road yet a lot of trade passes through these roads, trade which benefits the whole country. This is just one aspect that validates the lack of vision in this incompetent government. They promise development on condition of votes, instead of the betterment of the country.

Richard W


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