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Unmasking the truth behind the Kwacha’s depreciation

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The recent depreciation of the Kwacha has sent shockwaves throughout Zambia, leaving many questioning the government’s role in this economic downturn reports Zambian Eye Correspondent.

However, former Bank of Zambia Governor, Christopher Mvunga, has a different perspective.

He urges us to look beyond the surface and consider the global challenges affecting economies worldwide.

From the devastating impact of Covid-19 to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict and the looming threat of climate change, it’s clear that the Kwacha’s fall cannot be placed solely at the government’s feet.

These external factors have taken a toll on economies across the globe, including Zambia.

It’s important for Zambians to understand the complexities at play and not jump to conclusions.

Blaming the government without considering the bigger picture only obscures the truth.

By examining the global landscape and its impact on our country, we can gain a deeper understanding of the forces behind the Kwacha’s depreciation.

It is only through knowledge and comprehension that we can find solutions and navigate these turbulent times.


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