Understanding the new normal

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Dr Lubinda Haabazoka

The New Normal does not mean that COVID 19 has finished. The NEW NORMAL means us being able to adapt our lifestyle with this new disease!!!

For those of us who are essential workers, ours is work on the frontline! We salute medical personnel, truck drivers, police, shop keepers, bankers, farmers and all those currently during this pandemic for their heroic acts!!!

This is not a time for finger-pointing or giving up on anything!!!!
In Zambia, we can die faster of hunger than with COVID if we close down!!

Without Truck drivers, we won’t have food, fuel, warm clothes, building materials, medicines and all other things we need for our existence!!!

For those saying stop trucks from moving, Imagine what will happen it Tanzania stops moving trucks to Zambia???

The same way the Congolese depend on the Zambian route is the same way we depend on other countries’ routes!!

For once let’s sit down and look at issues from a global perspective!!

We need to adapt our way of life and continue with economic activities whilst doing everything possible to prevent COVID 19!

Nakonde is an import route for essentials in Zambia!! It also collects duty that is needed to pay health workers and also buy medicines in our hospitals!!

Even during World War II, factories operated and international trade existed!! COVID won’t limit us!!! We need to operate!

The President said he will revisit yesterday’s measures within 7 days, so we should hope that numbers don’t escalate so that we either maintain the status quo or relax more!!!

The new cases did not come about from 15:00hrs yesterday, they are before that. As new information arrives, so does the measures announced.

The problem I have observed is that we want to politicize the fight against Covid!!!

Imagine if farmers abandon their field because of COVID, what shall you eat???

It’s not about government, it’s about citizens and their livelihoods!!!


One Response to Understanding the new normal

  1. Perhaps the most shallow article that Haabazoka has written, and the first such article in the Zambian Eye.
    What needs to be done is a science-based data-driven, phased and gradual opening of the economy. Covid-19 loves shallow-thinking enemies as we saw in Italy, USA etc.
    Iam non partisan, but I want to believe that the PF government of Mr. Lungu is the most incompetent “government” we had in our country since Independent.
    Where are the great Zambian brains to run this country? Why are they quiet? Disinterested? I believe it is because very simplistic PF Cadres have taken the driving seat and are misleading Mr. Lungu, who is equally inept and less reflective! That is the hard bitter truth. Now, Zambians, if this reckeless gov’t has its way—and it seems to have it, anyway—will die unnecessary deaths on account of COVID. This article from Habaazoka confirms that.

    Jamieson Chakolwa Lungu
    May 12, 2020 at 9:34 pm

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