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UK pledges more investment into Zambian Economy

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Zambia will benefit as the United Kingdom puts more attention and resource into economic development and trade links to create the economic growth that will sustain rapidly growing populations in Africa.

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, on her first visit to Africa has indicated that the UK will be investing more in the Zambian economy, particularly in agriculture and in scholarships for young, dynamic Zambians.

The Prime Minister has pledged to make the UK the G7’S number one investor in Africa, with Britain’s private sector companies taking the lead in investing the billions that will see African economies growing by trillions.

And British High Commissioner to Zambia Fergus Cochrane-Dyet says as a long-term friend of zambia, the UK recognizes that British aid and investment should boost Zambia’s economic growth so as to create jobs and wealth.

In a statement to Phoenix News, Cochrane-Dyet says in Zambia, UK investment is already happening through various channels such as investment in human capital and through social impact agribusinesses such as AGDEVCO, SAISE Farming Enterprises Limited and Zambeef.

And the British Prime Minister has announced additional funding through AGDEVCO that will benefit Zambia.

Source: Phoenix News


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