Two of the five Ndola women who assaulted a girl with a beer bottle convicted

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Two of the five Ndola women who indecently assaulted a young woman with a beer bottle in December last year have been convicted by the Ndola High Court.

Magistrate John Mbuzi, sitting as Ndola Magistrate on Friday June 21,  convicted Precious Kapambwe, 25, of house number 6970 Chinese Complex and Margaret Mwansa also 25 of house number 1028 Overspill, of indecent assaulting Denise Mwanakumbwila, 21, of house number 2180 New Mushili and occasioning her actual bodily harm on December 1, 2018.

Magistrate Mbuzi, however, acquitted Bridget Chisha, 21, of house number 6446 Lubuto West, Catherine Banda, 29, of house number 6970 Chinese Complex and Maureen Mutale, 29, of house number 26 Independence Avenue, Ndola Town Centre.

This was in a case the five women were facing two counts of abduction and indecent assault. The five women were arrested after a video went viral on social media in which a young naked woman was seen being tortured by other women. The victim had been accused of having an affair with a Harrison Mwanza the husband to Precious Kapambwe. 

The sentencing for the convicted two has been committed to the Ndola High Court. The minimum sentence for indecent assault at the High Court is 15 years.


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