Two Chinese Nationals murder a Zambian in Mungwi 

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Two Chinese Nationals undertaking construction works at the Ukusefya pa Ngw’ena main arena in Chitimukulu have allegedly beaten to death a Zambian working as a security guard at the site.

Northern Province Police Commissioner, Richard Mweene has confirmed this to Mano News and identified the deceased as Evaristo Chileshe 42, saying the incident happened yesterday.

Commissioner Mweene says the Chinese Nationals accused the deceased of stealing iron sheets.

He adds that sticks, planks and fists were used in beating up Mr Chileshe.

The two Chinese Nationals have since been arrested and charged for murder.


6 Responses to Two Chinese Nationals murder a Zambian in Mungwi 

  1. Chief Chitimukulu must use this as lessons learned to teach his people to stop stealing. People from your tribe steal all the time and cause others inconvenience. You should start teaching them such banditry is evil to it her people and others would even burn one to death. How do you expect people to come all the way from China and help you construct infrastructure, which you can not because of your banditry manners. In other places of the world,they would have cut off the dead bandit’s hands. …..
    TELL YOUR OEOPLE! THE WORLD IS SICKENED WITH THEIR BANDITRY? It’s like in your genes and stealing is the norm.

    In another country where I worked two Zambian girls from your tribe were taken abroad to work in a Lady’s saloon and they were being kept by the owner of the saloon, who flew them all the way from Zambia to that place. But they kept stealing from both the saloon and the house, and even prostituted. It was hell. They were undressed and beaten up and almost stoned to death. Only my Diplomacy saved them and they had to be kept at the Army Peacekeepers House instead, whilst we sorted out donations to buy them air tickets to return to Zambia. And in the peacekeepers house, they became their sex slaves. So you people should teach each other’s that charity begins at home and banditry must seize. You must teach your people that, others do not even want to see someone stealing a piece of meat. Now in your tribe, it’s the norm. Even stealing through the judiciary without shame. So Chief Chitumuku, Take this as Lessons learned to change your morals. We are sick of Bemba Dynasty stealing from us.

    Victim of Bemba Banditry
    September 11, 2018 at 7:54 am

  2. They must let the Good Chinese suspects to go and serve their jail time in another country. That part of Zambia stinks with banditry. It’s like in their genes. You see how others in the photos are. Instead of being ashamed, they even seem angry as to them stealing is normal. Sorry thank you, A thief goes to hell in his dead and no one should sorry it. Pervets.

    The Bemba and easterner dynasty which formed and stole from me must be ashamed and see how sickening it is to go through others belongings. They stole from me like imbeciles using court orders from their relative justices. Without according me an opportunity to be heard, and when I sued them, another Bemba Judge was allegedly induced and illegally removed my suit from the cause list. And they are not even ashamed and still want to keep abusing the court process to steal from me. Mobbing me like bees and stealing without shame. This must teach you that you cannot and will not get away with the impunity of stealing from others. Shameful bandits.

    You are sickening you idiots that I lost appetite in doing anything with you.others work hard to improve your livelihoods,you keep stealing. See how your bandit has died. Shame. Ukawalala….

    Bemba banditry victim
    September 11, 2018 at 8:05 am

  3. Instead of guarding he steals, Then you keep on crying for employment. Alas.. He met instant justice and some of us are even denied justice in Bemba courts. They instead abuse the justice system to steal from us.

    Bemba victim
    September 11, 2018 at 8:11 am

  4. Are you really this stupid Bemba whatever? You think it’s justifiable to kill people for petty theft?
    If you do, you are the kind of useful idiot, self hating jackass that whites and Westerners have used to divide and destroy Africa. Dummy.

    September 11, 2018 at 2:39 pm

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