Trump to give Zambia around $10 million to fight coronavirus

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President Trump

The United States of America has said it will be giving Zambia almost $10 million in health assistance to help the country respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The financial assistance will be given through the USAID. The U.S. government says it will be providing more than $6 million to help curb the spread of the virus through promotional materials via radio, television and print media.

In a statement, US Embassy Chargé d Affairs David Young says the American government is also rendering help by strengthening laboratory and clinical systems to diagnose new cases and to treat those who get sick.

The US diplomat also revealed that President Donald Trump’s administration is working with the Ministry of Health, religious and traditional leaders, entertainers, and the private sector to mobilize the Zambian Partners against COVID-19 campaign.

Young further explained that systems are being established that will allow people living with HIV to collect six months of anti-retroviral drugs at once, limiting their potential exposure to COVID-19 and protecting their health


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  1. Ba Zedeye Why do you personalise it? Its USAID money not Donald Trump’s. Are you cmapaigning for this racist to be re-elected?

    Get out of the kitchen
    April 27, 2020 at 10:11 pm

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