Treating Female Politicians faily and respectfully

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By Greenwell Nyirenda

There is an urgent need for our male politicians to respect and treat their female counterpants fairly. In the recent past we have witnessed slander and mud sling from male politicians targeted at our women in politics.

From a Minister calling a UPND senior official ‘ugly’. To some junior party official accusing Edith Nawakwi of lacking a man and advising her to leave other people’s husbands alone. As that is not enough, another “Honourable” Minister was heard calling a fellow MP “Dorika Ndaifulula”, in apparent reference to a comic fiction character of a prostitute by Bob Nkosha.

These issues are not isolated incidents but are a shameful ploy by some men in politics who resort to use a gender as a means of winning a debate. Their usage of slander is targeted at making women feel inferior, stupid and unwanted in the political spheres of this country so that they can escape the much needed checks, criticism and scrutiny from our alert women.

There is a need as a popular saying goes for “men to start thinking above their belt”. In the western world we would have started calling for this individuals resignations as soon as they made those statements. It must be understood, that the people who are fond of making these unpalatable languages against our women. Like our recent Minister are not even morally perfect to even stand in public and ‘insult’ a woman who is a hard-working MP as Dorrika.

I am not saying women politicians should be treated any special but I just advise that we refuse to subject them to slander and mud sling based on their gender. Let not gender be used against anyone.

May God watch over Zambia


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