Trade Kings Foundation to manufacture special shoes for children born club feet

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Some of the finished shoes on display

The Trade Kings Foundation has partnered with Beit Cure Hospital to construct a factory that will manufacture special shoes for children born with club feet.

Club Foot is a common birth defect, where the foot or feet is turned down and inwards and its cause is unknown but is not caused by any action of the parents.

The condition, if left untreated, will cause the child to be disabled.

The Trade Kings Foundation has partnered with Beit Cure Hospital on the K400,000 project to construct a proper facility equipped to produce the special shoes and will replace the current Zambia Association of Children with Disabilities makeshift structure.

The shoes are currently being manufactured by the Zambia Association of Children with Disabilities in a makeshift structure and producing 100 pairs of shoes for children with club feet per month.

Speaking during the ground breaking ceremony at Beit Cure Hospital on Friday, Trade Kings Foundation Media Manager James Songwe said this is a key project in the company’s aim to give back to the community.

Mr Songwe said the project will also create employment and support the organisations which treat club foot such as the University Teaching Hospital, Monze Mission Hospital, Livingstone Central Hospital, Arthur Davies Hospital and others across the country and region.

He said the occasion was momentous as it marks the beginning of a project between Trade Kings Foundation and Beit Cure Hospital that will see the building of a solid structure that will be furnished with all the latest equipment that will increase the production of these special shoes.

“Every so often we are given an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Today marks such an occasion where due to the support that Trade Kings has received over the past 20 years, we are able to use the opportunity – through the Trade Kings Foundation to give back to community,” Songwe said.

“As has been Trade Kings forte over the years, we identify a need and respond. Today marks one of the occasions that Trade Kings through its Foundation responds to a need that may seem insignificant to many but is very much evident,” he said.

He said, “Club foot is a deformity present from birth that severely twists a person’s foot downward and inward making walking difficult or impossible. While it cannot be prevented, it can be corrected. With an estimated 750 children per year born with this condition worldwide, it is important that interventions from individuals and corporate entities are forthcoming.”

“When we were told of this project and how a group of individuals and volunteers had come together to manufacture abduction braces (or to put it simply shoes for club footed people) it was a tear-jerking experience. Walking through the makeshift shelter and observing these volunteers passionately going about their work, inspired Trade Kings to take a keen interest in what they were aiming to achieve,” Songwe said.

Songwe said this group of individuals and volunteers have created a facility using makeshift machinery and tools but that what they produce and the impact thereof is amazing.

“Seeing the lengths that these individuals have gone through to produce these special shoes, inspired the Trade Kings Foundation to get actively involved to improve and increase the production capacity of these individuals,” he said.

He added, “The Trade Kings Foundation is proud to be part of this K400,000 project that will see the construction of a solid structure, purchase of equipment and the insertion of facilities that will make working at this facility a much better experience and enable users execute their tasks with less hindrance.”

“Special thanks go to the Beit Cure Hospital for according these individuals/volunteers the space and the facility to produce these special shoes.  Because of this selfless gesture and though the numbers may seem insignificant at the time, in their small way they have touched many lives and because of these individuals, many Zambians can walk with purpose and pride. Please continue the great works that you have started,” he said.

Laying of the foundation stone in progress

Trade Kings Media Manager James Songwe speaking at the event

Trade Kings Media Manager James Songwe visiting the wards

Some of the clients at Beit Cure Hospital

Samples of the shoes that are manufactured

Workers manufacturing the special shoes for children born with club feet


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