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Top Ranking Universities in Zambia: The Ultimate List for All Faculties

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Do you wonder where to make your career dreams come true? You may need a list of universities in Zambia to ensure that you won’t miss any crucial opportunity. This material offers an overview of the top universities in Zambia. We judge their advancement from many points of view. While students have different expectations, Zambia is ready to please them. Everything is thanks to feeling the educational power in various cities throughout the state.

Which are actually the top five universities in Zambia for real?

The University of Zambia

The most famous list participant is the University of Zambia. It usually appears among other registered educational institutions in the country. The university is renowned for its fundamental learning opportunities. It guarantees students essential knowledge and skills, so they will be able to progress in their career field. One has to come to the capital of Zambia, Lusaka, which is another advantage of the facility. Lusaka inspires students to set higher career goals and work harder. It also motivates youngsters to study hard despite various challenges. This is where you empower your talents! Try choosing the University of Zambia for more.

There are two campuses on Great East Road and John Mbita Road. They belong to the best universities in Zambia. The university itself was established in 1965. It has been spectating Zambia’s rise as the largest city in the country. Such institutions stimulate development thanks to educating prospective youth. There are more than 150 various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. The university welcomes aspiring beginners from absolutely different spheres. Students can like agriculture, social sciences, medicine, and others. The University of Zambia stimulates interprofessional communication between students. The university years are perfect for communicating with the representatives of other professions.

The Copperbelt University

Zambia works on expanding its cities. For example, the Copperbelt University is 15km away from the business district of Kitwe. It’s one of the top educational institutions in the country. The university continues to celebrate its deserved positions in numerous rankings. The government used the Act of Parliament No.19 to create the university back in 1987. Students have a chance to get familiar with the Copperbelt Province of Zambia. There are numerous lively public locations nearby.

There are four campuses where students can stay. It can be Jambo Drive Main Campus, Parklands Campus, Ndola Campus, and Kapasa Makasa Campus. All of the available faculties are called schools. They have separate learning directions, with ten of them in total. This is where you can get your engineering or nursing degree in Zambia. You are always welcome at Copperbelt University. Make your career dreams come true here.

Texila American University

There are multiple universities in Zambia. However, Texila American University offers unique medicine studies. Moreover, Texila American University helps students succeed in numerous career fields. The subject list includes other courses like project management and IT. One of its unique features is the international standard curriculum. Why does it matter, one can ask? This curriculum makes students closer to professional acknowledgment in other countries. Those with global plans and dreams can be sure in Texila American University.

Students with specific intentions can benefit from TAU’s programs differently. The university is advantageous for medical specialists thanks to the available clinical rotations. TAU wants to revolutionize existing standards of international education. It is eager to acquire as many achievements as possible. Students can be unafraid of strict borders or demotivating stereotypes. Attendants demonstrate excellent results in Health Sciences, Communication Technology. Feel free to learn about the rest of the contemporary subjects at the university.

Achieving striking goals despite educational challenges with online helpers

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Some readers may worry. How can their professional level be enough? Can they attend such universities? Nevertheless, students can feel safe until they diversify their learning habits. They have to be ready to try new ways of perfecting their knowledge and skills. Custom Writings essay writing company is a leading service. It cares about clients’ educational requests. The company guides them through crucial activities. It manages writing academic papers or finishing complicated assignments with an online helper. It knows how to proceed with research by following all the obligatory standards. Feel free to fight for your dream university! Reaching for learning assistance is easier than it seems.

University of Lusaka

Top universities in Zambia also include the University of Lusaka. It has a total number of more than 8000 students. The University of Lusaka has more than 60 Ph.D. and more than 2000 Master’s students throughout the state. There are three advanced campuses – Pioneer Campus, Leopards Hill Campus, and Silverest Campus. It is one of the best medical universities in Zambia. Medical students can achieve sufficient results here. Apart from choosing medicine as a major, students have an opportunity to deepen their knowledge in accounting, public health, or other learning directions. So many subjects to choose from! You can request more information if needed.

The university has a creative and innovative approach. It makes programs productive to the maximum extent. There is a combined double-disciplined Master of Science degree in Epidemiology and Biostatics. The central idea is to let students get proper theoretical knowledge. It will prepare them for practical skills. It’s important for their professional environment. Interested enthusiasts can explore the requirements and demands on the official website. There are all the needed contacts and details. It is also worth mentioning that University of Lusaka is one of the most progressive private universities in Zambia.

Information and Communications University

Information and Communications University (ICU) is one of the top ranking universities in Zambia. It has been successfully registered with the Higher Education Authority. Its E-learning features can be helpful for students who plan to study from other cities. Nonetheless, students are free to profit from offline studies either. The university is focused on teaching innovation. It’s also interested in prioritizing scientific research. This is where attendants can learn about joint education programs and enjoy student exchange options.

ICU was founded in 2009, which makes it one of the youngest accredited universities on the list. ICU belongs to private institutions. It serves as a beneficial alternative for studying in Lusaka. The city has a dense population of more than one million residents. ICU concentrates on information technologies. It also has a diverse set of humanitarian studies. ICU presents the youngsters with a chance to study the art of acting, dance, music, and film production. Studying means having fun too! Even science majors need to rest.




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