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Today football score is easy to find on the sports statistics website

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A new season has started in Serie A, where an interesting fight not only for places in the Champions League zone is waiting for the fans. Intense competition is expected in the lower part of the standings as well. Today football score is easy to find on the sports statistics website. Information about competitions with Empoli is available here as well.

Last season, the club managed to remain in the elite division. In this campaign, the team’s goals are the same – not to be relegated from Serie A. To fight with direct competitors efficiently, the team began to work on the transfer market actively.

As for its most notable contractors, first of all Patrick Cutrone should be mentioned. The striker moved from Wolverhampton on loan.

Unfortunately, the last couple of seasons have been quite unsuccessful for Cutrone. At first, he proved himself well in Milan, but then he performed in the squads of Wolverhampton and Valencia. There, the Italian obviously failed. Therefore, now it’s beneficial for Cutrone to return to Serie A. For the striker, this is a chance to revive his career, to return to the top level. How his contract will affect the football score of games played by Empoli, you can find out today on the sports statistics website. This is the best resource for watching information about the Serie A and other national championships.

In the campaign that has started, the Empoli management and fans are counting on the fact that Cutrone can regain his reputation as a scorer. But will it be possible to do this in the team that traditionally sticks to defensive football? It’s only on the football field that we’ll get the answer to this question.

Serie A fixtures of the interesting games

The teams have a long and busy season ahead. Now it’s much easier to find Serie A fixtures. Up-to-date information is provided on the sports statistics website. Here, the calendar of all matches, including the competitions with participation of Empoli, is available.

As for the team’s strong points regarding the fight for survival, the most obvious include:

  1. Individually strong leaders in the squad. Often it is thanks to their great games that the club manages to score such valuable points.
  2. Teamwork. The team compensates for the lack of a large number of stars with the players’ dedication. Therefore, it’s often hard to deal with Empoli even for the recognized favorites.
  3. Experience of the coaching team. The head coach and his assistants are well aware of the capabilities of their team. This enables them to choose the best possible lineup.

Looking at the fixtures of games in Serie A, it is clear that Empoli needs to do its best starting from the first matches of the new season. Will it succeed? We’ll find out the answer very soon on the football field.


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