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To remove HH from power, one must be ready to die – Tayali

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Chilufya Tayali

Economic and Equity for Progress (EEP) Party President Chilufya Tayali says the opposition needs a strong leader who is ready to die to remove President Hakainde Hichilema (HH) from government in 2026.

Zambia is expected to hold general elections in August 11, 2026. But Tayali says HH is a dictator who would not easily handover power even when he loses elections.

Tayali says a leader with a strong character who can face and tell President Hichilema that “this is not your mother’s country and ready to go to jail for it.”

Speaking on a Direct Talk live program on Facebook Monday night (yesterday) April 24th 2023 monitored by Zambian Eye, Tayali said President Hichilema is consolidating himself in all arms of government.

He accused President Hichilema of being a ruthless and that it will be difficult for him to handover the Presidency to another person because he’s not as weak as his predecessor Edgar Lungu.

He said Hichilema has such a strong character adding that he would even walk a 10 kilometers distance from his home in New Kasama to Tayali’s home in Olympia if he felt threatened.

To the contrary, Tayali said Lungu is so weak to face PresidentHichilema in an election. He said Lungu is the reason why his party Patriotic Front (PF) is sinking (losing popularity) because he can’t stand and say anything.

“Miles Sampa is taking the party to court saying there is no President yet Edgar Lungu is just sitting watching him,” Tayali charged.”Sata fought so hard to take PF in government. He left PF in your hands in government and you lose elections the party is now in opposition.”

“You are too quiet, messing up the PF, each party is identified by its leader yet you are just sitting at home and allowing all these confusions happening,” Tayali a stooge Supporter of Lungu complained.

“Sata must be turning in his grave just because of this mess in PF,” Tayali said.

He said HH just said one word “KUTUMPA UKU” ( That’s being stupid) and Lungu has even stopped going to church because he is so scared of President Hichilema.

Tayali said people were not telling Lungu the truth that he was stumbling block to PF success.

“You are busy going to jog with Lungu pretending to love him when all they want is money and if he doesn’t give them they go behind his back to start talking ill of him,” he said.

Tayali said he likes Lungu so much that he will always standby him in whatever the situation but that he was being factual. He said the “death” of PF would personally affect him and other people as UPND would turn the country into a one party state.

“I might have a relationship with people in UPND, PF and any other political parties but when it comes to national issues, I will criticize them,” he said.

And one of the callers accused President Hichilema of having a black heart.

The majority of Callers agreed with Tayali that there was need for the party to find a strong leader who would face Hichilema.

“HH is a dictator, he is the Judas Iscariot of this time,” a Caller said in reference to a number of unfulfilled promises.

But another Caller told Tayali not to worry saying Hichilema will be easily removed from government through a vote just like he was voted in.

Hichilema came into government in 2021 after overwhelmingly defeating Lungu who had beaten him in the previous two elections.

Lungu announced he was retiring from active politics but his party has indefinately suspended holding of an extraordinary General Assembly to elect a successor.

There are now emerging calls for Lungu to rescind his decision and spearhead the PF to 2026 elections. He has not publicly responded to the growing calls.

Zambian Eye, 25th April 2023.


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