To own Katokamema Mine, conmen, jail birds and crooks plan to cross over to PF after UPND fail to form government

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As per our promise, we have come back to our beloved media of the people.

First and foremost, as the Royal Establishment of Senior Chief Kasempa, on behalf of the subjects, we congratulate the Republican President, HE. Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu for winning the recently held presidential election. We pledge our consistent royalty to the Government of the day as our Senior Chief has been on record of supporting PF through and through.

However, the team of conmen, jail birds and crooked people led by Yardly Kambembe and his Russian Avarmma counterparts had, during the election campaign period, tried to influence the Royal Establishment to do the contrary but failed to penetrate. These characters in the names of kambembe, Saviour Tongatonga and Benson Malipenga, Godson Kadansa and philosopher Chandamali together with their sponsors Avarmma company Directors, Andrei and Popov had rallied behind UPND during the campaigns in the just ended Presidential by-election and provided finance and drums of diesel as material support in UPND camps in Lusaka and North-western Provinces, with the view to be given the mining license to Katokamema Mine should the UPND have formed government but got a rude shock when PF won the election because their calculation flopped.

As opportunists, they have grafted a latest move to gamble and come close to PF leadership by pretending that they supported PF, when in the actual sense they were fighting PF yesterday just like our old Man Daniel MUNKOMBWE and are trying to use the back door into PF through Steven Masumba, the former jail-bird who is also Mufumbwe MP to influence the process in Government to award Avarmma Company the mining license at the expense of the Community Mining Company, which was formed by the subjects of Senior Chief Kasempa aimed at fostering development in the Chiefdom. We are aware that Hon. Masumba who is a close friend to Kambembe has already started to issue threats to security officers with the hope that officers favour the crooks.

In case Hon. Masumba is not aware of the activities of these criminals, these people “honourable” you call your friends among them is Andrei FATEEV one of the Directors for Avarmma Company whom you met at Chimbwakaila State Prison when he was incarcerated for not having correct documents to be in Zambia. First of all, we are aware that he requested your honourable intervention in their fight for ownership of Katokamema Mine while you were both in jail. They also fraudulently managed to obtain the Large Scale Prospecting license from Lion Resources Mining Company who were the original owners of the tenement using a Senior Police officer named Jonathan Mupenda, while working together with these fake investors was used to go at ZRA were he declared himself as a director representing Lion Resource in the fraudulent transfer of the License to Avarmma when in actual sense he is a Director in Avarmma. The Lion Resources Directors who are based in Australia had the agreement to sell the license null and void after Avarmma failed to honour the terms of the agreement for sale. Documents and e-mails for the Lion Resources Director are down for verification from the owners. May be that is why they are friends with Hon. Masumba. This is friendship in fraud, “Birds of the same feathers, flocking together.” The honourable should know that this is a fight by the community to possess what is theirs for the benefit of the Community under Senior Chief Kasempa in Kasempa District and not Mufumbwe where he is MP. You are not part of Kasempa Community. You belong to Mufumbwe, kindly go and cause that confusion you inherited from Chimbwakaila to the Mufumbwe Community that is if they will tolerate it. No-wonder the Judiciary saw it fit to send you to jail. “Siulapila iwe masumba nichiyani kansi” You have not repented Masumba why?

As for the PF New leadership, we urge you to empower the Community Company for the local people who already have and investor of their choice to partner with them in the operation of the mine with 80% and 20% shareholding, so that the Community would benefit and employment opportunities to be made available, unlike the crooks who want to own the mine 100% and dubiously. They want to come close to the leadership of PF, not that they love PF no! It is for the sole purpose of serving their interest to grab the treasures of the Community of Kasempa and sell it to foreigners.

We repeat, is it possible for a Zambian National to be let loose doing fraudulent activities such as corruption, bribing in Russia, the way these people have been tolerated to corruptly buy their way into Government systems of our believed country? We are the owners and we need our government leaders like Masumba to be on our side, not to side with criminals for the sake of few pennies dangled towards him. How do you betray your own people like this and later you come to ask for votes from them in 2016. You are a wrong person to be in the Government of HE. ECL as your behaviour contradicts the aspirations of the President to reduce poverty among his people.


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