TIZ lambasts Lungu over his Anti-Corruption rant

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Transparency International Zambia- Chapter (TIZ) has taken a swipe at President Edgar Lungu for his sentiments regarding the Anti Corruption Commission, saying it is more like he is interfering with the body’s mandate.

Lungu recently, accused the anti graft body of working on a scheme to remove him from power, he implied that ACC is busy chasing after his key ministers who are hardworking, while turning a blind eye on corruption happening in lower ranks.

The President implied that the ACC knows where to find corruption, but the body is busy undermining his administration by targeting his best team players.

However, according to TIZ, the President should not cry foul, as he once confessed to the nation that corruption is rampant within his administration.

TIZ says corruption and poor governance structures in Zambia have existed for a long time causing the country to remain behind in many developmental processes.

Poverty, unemployment, and poor infrastructures are some of the things one can point at as effects of corruption.

TIZ tries to complement government efforts to ensure that the country reduces the levels of corruption through the promotion of good governance tenets.

Some of the ways that the organisation has used to help in the fight against corruption have been through participation in policy making initiative, advisory roles in electoral law changes, constitution reforms and strengthening of existing anti-corruption laws.

TIZ says it has worked closely with law enforcement agencies, like minded civil society organisation and government to try and point out grey areas which contribute to the rise of corruption levels in Zambia.


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