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Three foods bad for blood sugar

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By Asunta Simoloka

Whether you are trying to manage existing diabetes or want to prevent it, avoiding the following foods helps keep blood sugar under control.

Pure juicePure juices

Pure juices are processed foods that only have the juice part of the fruit, not the whole fruit. This disturbs the natural ratio of nutrients making juices too highly concentrated in sugar but extremely deficient in other nutrients like fiber. Such a nutritional imbalance has negative influence on the body’s insulin mechanism. Rather than drink a fruit’s juice, eat the solid, intact fruit itself, including the skin if it is edible, to obtain wholesome nutrition vital for balancing blood sugar. Pure water is a much healthier alternative to juices.

redmeatRed meat

Apart from saturated fats, red meat contains harmful compounds known as canitines which impair insulin function and trigger heart complications. Even meat without fat on it is bad for blood sugar and your health in general.

Furthermore, meat kills healthy bacteria in the gut. Healthy bacteria improve insulin response and produce vitamin K, vital for heart health. Scarcity of healthy bacteria allows overgrowth of harmful bacteria, making it harder for the body to balance blood sugar.

To make matters worse, meat leads to lower than normal amounts of stool and fewer bowel movements. As a result, the body withholds toxins which severely weaken the immune system and further deteriorate insulin activity.

mealie-mealProcessed maize meal, aka ‘Breakfast’ maize meal

Processed maize meal, better known as ‘breakfast’ maize meal in Zambia, is another nightmare for blood sugar and overall health. This heavily processed food is unnaturally high in starch and stripped of fiber, anti oxidants, vitamins, and other vital nutrients. Worse still, processed maize meal is too powdery. All these features of processed maize meal cause constipation, oxidative stress, insulin resistance, and countless other health problems. Consequently, the body loses its capacity to effectively control blood sugar, making a perfect breeding ground for diabetes and its complications.

All the foods mentioned increase belly fat and aggravate inflammation, factors notorious for dangerously destabilizing blood sugar. Move a step closer to managing blood sugar by eliminating these foods from your diet.


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