This Week: Let us vote wisely

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By Kelvin Esiasa

Now it’s our time to speak and demonstrate the support for the candidate we love. Now it’s time for Zambia to have her sixth President. A President we want as Zambians.

Presidential Candidates and their colleagues have campaigned around Zambia. They have said all what they wanted to say to us Zambians. Now, it’s time to vote. We should go in great numbers and vote for the new President. A President for all Zambians and who will stand for all Zambians.

The reason to vote cannot be over stated. One man one vote says a lot. It puts each person on equal footing. A vote from a rich person has the same power as a poor person. Young people have the same right to be heard as their elders.

Voting give us the right and voice, to have the say, who will be the next most powerful leader in the country. It is the single most effective way to make our voice be heard. By not voting, we give away our right to influence the government overall.

In some cases some people do not want to vote. They argue that that their vote won’t be that important anymore. They complain of long voting lines. They complain of fake promises by government.

Now, If the right to vote no longer existed, the country would no longer survive as a democratic nation, but completely totalitarian. When a person does not vote, that one individual citizen does not participate with the electoral process, as with any other voter, what would happen if no one voted. Our democracy would end.

So let’s go and vote. Let choose our candidate wisely. There are many issues to consider when casting our vote. So every vote has significance. Several elections have been decided by a single vote. So, it is important to vote, to have our say about what happens to us and to the people in the nation.

Zambians have complained about poor governance in the last 50 years. Politicians have promised heaven on earth. We’ve watched politicians yell at each other, and no one’s changed anyone’s mind. We have seen the plundering of national resources.
Therefore, through our vote we should demand Integrity. Zambia needs development and unity. People everywhere, regardless of their political views have audibly agreed that Zambia needs development.

Our vote is the power that can change Zambia. Voting is one key way to help turn this country around. Let us vote into statehouse the person who is best qualified and who can undoubtedly deliver on his campaign promises because he truly care for the people.

We all need to vote properly. We need to know how to choose the right candidate if what we want is a government which solves problems rather than creates them.

This means picking a candidate who is qualified for the job and who has a proven track record over those who have real deficiencies in legislative performance or service delivery. Candidate to be chosen must present concrete platforms and proposals seeking to address perennial issues like the proper use of national resources and uphold the principles of good governance, human rights and poverty.
Voters should trust their instincts and be discerning. The candidate who is excessive spenders and known to engage in illegal activities should be rejected.

We, voters, must not sacrifice the long-term for the short-term. If we are to vote, we must not be driven by cheap promotional stunts, much more should we not allow them to buy our votes.

More importantly, we should sacrifice for Zambia and the future generation. While it is important to vote it is equally important to be vigilant, to watch closely the electoral process, and afterwards, the fulfillment of promises given by candidates who will win. Elections should be seen as an opportunity for the people to audit their political leaders.

Let’s use this election as an opportunity to redeem ourselves. We must vote, and vote wisely for real change to happen in the country.
May the will of God take place.


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  1. Breaking News.

    Edgar Chicken Lungu voted for HH by mistake. Maybe drunk.

    January 20, 2015 at 8:25 am

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