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This Week: Burundi urgently needs prayers for Peace

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burundi-coupBy Kelvin Esisa

No one clearly knows what President Pierre Nkurunziza is up to. He has threatened the thrashing of African Union peacekeepers if they were to enter Burundi. He has strongly warned the African community that he would consider the deployment of African Union peacekeepers as an invasion on Burundian soil.

Nkurunziza recently said: “Africa has to respect Burundi’s borders. In case Africa violate Burundian principles, Africa would have attacked the country and every Burundian will stand up and fight against them. When there are two warring forces then you can have a peacekeeping force. But this is not the case here, because we are facing a security problem. It is not a political issue, because this was resolved by the elections.”

Reviewing these comments one would conclude that Nkurunziza is running mad just like his golden father Robert Mugabe who has hold on to power even when his countrymen and country at large has collapsed.

Nkurunziza madness could be likened to King Soul in the Bible whom when he lost favor with God still hold to power and fought God’s anointed one David. He fought David with vigor hoping to win the battle. But guess what he died a like a dog pierce with a sword.

May be Nkurunziza’s memory is too short. His father Muammar Gaddafi is dead. He died by the gun that he gave to his own comrade thinking they would support him to defend his madness but they killed him like a thief. His own kindred killed him.
May be the President want us to remind him that his golden father idiamin ruled Uganda like his village but he was removed by the African Soldiers. He thought he was a king and his subjects were pleased with his madness.

May be Mr. President has forgot again, Mobutu SeseSeko thought he was a daring of Zaire. He thought people supported him throughout his reign but the people removed him quickly than he thought.

Nkurunziza must not think Burundi is his church that he can dance and preach to them even when his sermon has been deviated by the devil and his demons. He must remember that the people of Burundi are people of God who need peace.

May be Nkurunziza has forgotten, Saddam Hussien thought he would defeat any person who opposed him and he did think he would salvage any Iraq that stood against him. Sadly Saddam was hanged just as he did to his people.

Nkurunziza must be told that there are so many persons in the world that thought their were more powerful than the voices of the people. But they have died shamelessly.

He should also remember that many African countries have returned to peace with help of African peacekeepers. So Africa shall do everything possible to remove him from power if need arises just to preserve the lives of Burundians.

Nkurunziza must accept African Union peace keepers for the peace of the communities, helpless women and men that are dying in the streets of Burundi. He must heed to the calls of his people.

BurundiAccording to the UN, at least 240 people have been killed since April and more than 200,000 have fled to neighboring countries. There have been regular killings of both opposition activists and Nkurunziza supporters.

The violence has raised fears of a return to worsening ethnic tension between Hutus and Tutsis. Mr. Nkurunziza led a Hutu rebel group against the then Tutsi-dominated army during the civil war that followed the killing of Hutu President Melchior Ndadaye in 1993.

Nkurunziza must resign and follow the foot prints of Dr.Kenneth Kaunda, Nelson Mandela and Joachim Chissano. He must emulate the leaders that scarified for their countries but when their countries said they were no longer needed they stepped down.

It’s time for him to say bye to African bad leadership. He has done his part to transform Burundi into a great country now he should step aside and give others a chance.

Nkurunziza must remember that African people are tired of leaders that are oppressing their own nationals. Even at AU summit African Leaders are not in support of leaders that are oppressing their national. So his world is too small.

May I also appeal to the international community to intervene and help Burundi to find peace. Burundi is desperate in needs of help from everyone.


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