This Week: August 11, what are your expectations?

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By Kelvin Esiasa

As 11 August is getting closer. The election campaigns in Zambia are now rooted as many of the political parties have almost reached all area in Zambia. At least all the parties are driving there political ambitions aggressively.

There are several expectations that we the electorates would like to see in August election. First of all, the political parties in this election should expect either winning or losing the election. This is the fact. There can be only one winner in the election.

So, the opposition or the ruling party should expect these results. The truth has to be told we have to fight it up front. Democracy is about winning or losing election. So all participants in this elections should expect the results. They should stand and prepare for the outcome of the election. The results of the election would demonstrate the will of the people and this should be respected.

As Former Republican President Rupiah Bwezzani Banda once said those who are ready to lose or win elections are the ones that should participate in the election. The former President also once said that all political leaders including seating Presidents must be ready to accept the will of the people. President Banda also said politicians threatening violence or cause anarchy should not be supported by people.

So, all political players in August election should prepare themselves for losing or winning elections. As Fourth President said it’s childish to threaten violence because the winners will have the support of the majority.

Secondly, all Presidential candidates in Zambia should prepare for a run if no Presidential candidate wins 50% plus one. These results should be expected. The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) once explained the fifty percent plus one vote. The 50 percent plus one vote means that a candidate who becomes President of Zambia should win presidential elections by over half the number of the votes cast.

So, when a leading candidate fails to obtain the majority of votes cast, an election re-run will be conducted between the top two contenders so one presidential candidate wins with over 50 percent plus one vote. Therefore, Presidential Candidates should work tirelessly to ensure that they amass the majority vote if they were to avoid a re-run.

It’s anticipated that good leaders would emerge from August 11 elections. The people will elect people to ensure that the country is run smoothly and these elected officials will bring the country prosperity by governing it in the right manner.

Elections give the power to the people and enable them to choose their leaders who make decisions on their behalf. Democracy is based on all people having the same rights and having the country ruled by the people. Because of this, elections are essential. During elections, people have the opportunity to choose who they would like to represent them. The leaders that are chosen then have the opportunity to vote and institute rules that represent what the people would have selected.

So, it’s expected that Zambians should vote for the best leaders that would govern the nation. There is need for Zambians to vote for good leaders that are going to make sure that the country prosper and every Zambia has a better life.



Peace and a united Zambia must continue. Many people believe peace is important in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts that might hinder progress or even result in the loss of life. Peace is should be aspired towards in the arena of diplomacy between individuals in their interpersonal interactions.

It’s expected that after the election peace and a united Zambia must continue. There is no need for Zambia to be divided because one politician would not accept the election results. So peace must continue after the August 11 elections.


Kelvin Esiasa is the President of Zambia Society for Public Administration and Society for Family Business.


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