This is a new Zimbabwe, will deliver free and fair elections – Mnangagwa

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Emmerson Mnangagwa

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has promised to deliver free and fair elections.

President Mnangagwa says the country under him is different from the way it was under President Mugabe his predecessor where he was a key figure.

In his message to commemorate Africa Freedom Day, President Mnangagwa says Zimbabwe under him will show the world that Africa is moving forward.

President Mnangagwa says:

We are today living in a truly new free Zimbabwe. Freedom of expression. Freedom of the press. Freedom of religion. Freedom of speech. Freedom of assembly.

In this new Zimbabwe, we commit to delivering free and fair elections before the eyes of the world, and we have invited scores of observers to witness Zimbabwean democracy in action.

As we celebrate Africa day, let us recognise the freedoms we now possess. Freedoms which were once stolen from an entire continent by colonial powers and dictatorial leaders. Freedoms which we have regained through great toil and much suffering.

Let us stand together on this Africa day and share this message to the world that Africa is moving forward. And as our continent progresses, the new Zimbabwe will be an example to all; a shining light of hope, and a beacon of freedom.


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