This country does not belong to your mother – Shakas

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Former Finance Deputy Minister Jonas Shakafuswa has advised the PF Government to bear in mind that all Zambians have a stake in the running of affairs concerning the country.

In his usual Lenje signature saying, Shakafuswa said ‘Teshi chishi chaba nyoko’ which is literally translated as: This is Country does not belong to your mother.

Shakafuswa who is former Katuba MP used the same words during the Michael Sata days.

Shakafuswa says those in Government must not do what ever they want because Zambia belongs to all Zambians.

“This Country does not belong to your mother. If it did we would have had no interest in the way you run it. As it would have been your inheritance. But then you are running a Country which has owners. All Zambians. You can’t wake up and feel you have absolute powers to decide as you please,” Shakafuswa said in a statement.

“Choose who is more Zambian than others. Stop people from exercising rights and freedom in their mother’s land. That is where you go wrong. You are distributing national wealth in a discriminatory manner as if it is your mother’s. Getting national wealthy for yourself and your children and cadres like it is your mother’s. Choosing who should enjoy the freedom and rights of this country as if it is your mother’s Country”.

And Shakafuswa has warned the PF regime that one day people may rise against them because power belongs to them.

“This Country has owners. One day they will rise against you and you will discover you have no powers against them. The power belongs to them. You keep their wealth in your homes when they wallow in absolute poverty and you think you are rich,” he said.

“You are foolish. When they raise to claim what belongs to them you will remain with nothing. Will be watching from the improved gallows of near blue sky. Stop this rot and save yourself. This Country does not belong to your mother. But then your mother like my mother are Zambians. So take my interest into consideration as you run this Country. Mwanchima”.


2 Responses to This country does not belong to your mother – Shakas

  1. I advised in kaoma not to join pf but you went against my advice.i told you when you were two with Winston chibwe in kaoma . just stay in pf don’t behave like GBM .

    April 29, 2019 at 6:19 pm

  2. All normal Zambians who are feeling the rot created by the PF are crying. It’s only tribalists, bakamushi, komboners, and those few directly benefiting from this government who don’t see anything wrong with the current state of affairs. Bakamushi and komboners need to wake up to vote against these crooks in government.

    Kwindi mukalamba
    April 30, 2019 at 7:22 pm

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